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Classified Directory of Dealers...Art in America Advertisers
1955 - 1956

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Contemporary Art 

A. C. A. Gallery, 63 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Alan Gallery, 32 E. 65 St., N.Y.C.
Associated American Artists, 711 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.
Babcock Gallery, 38 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Barone Gallery, 202 E. 51 St., N.Y.C.
Grace Borgenicht Gallery, 61 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Coeval Galleries, 100 W. 56 St., N.Y.C.
The Contemporaries, 959 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Davis Gallery, 231 E. 60 St., N.Y.C.
Downtown Gallery, 32 E. 51 St., N.Y.C.
Duveen-Graham, 1014 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Egan Gallery, 46 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
André Emmerich, 18 E. 77 St., N.Y.C.
Fairweather-Hardin Gallery, 139 E. Ontario St., Chicago, Ill.
Feigl Gallery, 601 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Rose Fried Gallery, 40 E. 68 St., N.Y.C.
La Galeria Escondida, Taos, N.M.
Galerie Moderne, 49 W. 53 St., N.Y.C.
Galerie St. Etienne, 46 W. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Gallery G, 200 E. 59 St., N.Y.C.
Gallery 21, 21 E. 63 St., N.Y.C.
Grand Central Moderns Gallery, 120 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Hansa Gallery, 210 Central Park So., N.Y.C.
Hartert Gallery, 22 E. 58 St., N.Y.C.
John Heller Gallery, 61 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
IGAS, 65 W. 56 St., N.Y.C.
Alexander Iolas Gallery, 123 E. 55 St., N.Y.C.
Martha Jackson Gallery, 32 E. 69 St., N.Y.C.
Sidney Janis Gallery, 15 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Kleemann Galleries, 11 E. 68 St., N.Y.C.
Kootz Gallery, 600 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Los Angeles Art Association, 2425 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.
Lynn Kottler Gallery, 3 E. 65 St., N.Y.C.
Kraushaar Galleries, 1055 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Little Gallery, 1923 Manning St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Logsdon, 1015-13 St., Parkersburg W. Va.
Meltzer Gallery, 38 W. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Midtown Galleries, 17 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Milch Galleries, 55 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Moskin Gallery, 4 E. 88 St., N.Y.C.
The New Gallery, 601 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Parma Gallery, 1107 Lexington Ave., N.Y.C.
Betty Parsons Gallery, 15 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Passedoit Galleries, 121 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Peridot Gallery, 820 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Frank Perls Gallery, 350 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif.
Perls Gallery, 1016 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Pierre Matisse Gallery, 41 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Poindexter Gallery, 46 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Portraits, Inc., 136 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
The Print Club, 1614 Latimer St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Rehn Gallery, 683 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.
Roko Gallery, 51 Greenwich Ave., N. Y. C.
Saidenberg Gallery, 10 E. 77 St., N.Y.C.
Harry Salpeter Gallery, 42 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Bertha Schaeffer Gallery, 32 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Jacques Seligmann Gallery, 5 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Spectrum Gallery, 472 Main St., Wakefield, R.I.
Stable Gallery, 924 Seventh Ave., N.Y.C.
Tannenbaum, 19 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Tibor de Nagy Gallery, 206 E. 53 St., N.Y.C.
Catherine Viviano Gallery, 117 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Maynard Walker Gallery, 117 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Willard Gallery, 23 W. 56 St., N.Y.C.
Zabriskie Gallery, 835 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.

Early American Art and Old Masters 

Nicholas M. Acquavella, 119 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
H. V. Allison & Co., 32 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Argosy Gallery, 116 E. 59 St., N.Y.C.
Berry-Hill, 1 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Carlebach Gallery, 937 Third Ave., N.Y.C.
Childs Gallery, 169 Newbury St., Boston, Mass.
Duveen, 18 E. 79 St., N.Y.C.
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Hirschl & Adler Gallery, 270 Park Ave., N.Y.C.
Kennedy & Co., 785 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.
Knoedler, 14 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
C. T. Loo, 41 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Newhouse Galleries, 15 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Parnassus Galleries, 509 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Schaeffer Galleries, 983 Park Ave., N.Y.C.
Wildenstein, 19 E. 64 St., N.Y.C.

Decorative Arts and Antiques

George & Michael Abraham, Route 57, West Granville, Mass.
Mary Allis, Southport, Conn.
B. Altman & Co., 34th St & Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.
Alfred Arnold, Route 111, Monroe, Conn.
Antique Furniture Restorers Co., 235 E. 42 St., N.Y.C.
Mary R. Atwood, 79 De Forest St., Watertown, Conn.
Ball and Ball, Whitford Place, Whitford, Pa.
The Barn, New Hope, Pa.
Teina Baumstone, 807 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Mrs. Belcher, Garrison-on-Hudson, N.Y.
Beshir Galleries, 29 E. 63 St., N.Y.C.
John Kenneth Byard, Silvermine, Norwalk, Conn.
Russell Carell, Route 44, Salisbury, Conn.
Curtis Tavern, West Granville, Mass.
Richard Doan, Dodgingtown District, Newtown, Conn.
Jean & Margaret Douglas, Route 202, New Hope, Pa.
B. H. Downing, Route 7, Ridgefield, Conn.
Maude B. Feld, 16 Heights Road., Clifton, N.J.
Albert Force, Forest Home, Ithaca, N. Y.
G. G. Frelinghuysen, 411 Park Ave., N.Y.C.
French & Co., 210 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Long Ridge Antique Shop, Long Ridge, Stamford, Conn.
Gebelein Silversmiths, 79 Chestnut St., Boston, Mass.
Bruce M. Gilbert, Route 202, Bethel, Conn.
O. Rundle Gilbert, 505 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.
Ginsburg & Levy, 815 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Elinor Gordon, Lancaster Pike, Villanova, Pa.
James Graham and Sons, 1014 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
H. Gregory Gulick, Middletown, N.J.
Kenneth Hammitt, Route 6, Woodbury, Conn.
Winifred E. Harding, S. Pomfret Rd., Woodstock, Vt.
Robert Herron, Route 22, Austerlitz, N.Y.
Marion M. Hilton, Route 9W, Saugerties, N.Y.
Hitchcock Chair Co., Riverton, Conn.
David Hollander, 5806 Mosholu Ave., Riverdale, N.Y.
The Hudson Shop, 137 Broad St., Red Bank, N.J.
Edwin Jackson, 159 E. 54 St., N.Y.C.
Carl & Celia Jacobs, Southwick, Mass.
Lillian Jones, Deep Brook Rd., Newtown, Conn.
Jones & Erwin, 15 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
Knox Street Antiques, 22 Church St., Boston Mass.
Julia E. Kuttner, 228 E. 51 St., N.Y.C.
Sarah French Low, 986 Hill Crest Rd., Ridgewood, N.J.
Florene Maine, Route 7, Ridgefield, Conn.
James R. Marsh, Fiddler's Forge, Pittstown N.J.
John H. Martin, 531 E. 20 St., N.Y.C.
George S. McKearin, Hoosick Falls, N.Y.
Nancy McClelland, Inc., 15 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
McMillen Inc., 148 E. 55 St., N.Y.C.
Ralph Meyer, Delaware Water Gap, Pa.
Joan Morris, 152 Davis Ave., White Plains, N.Y.
My Sister and I, 374 Riverdale Ave., Yonkers N. Y.
Needham's Antiques, 143 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.
The New York Antiques Fair, Inc., 660 Madison Ave., N. Y. C.
The Old Stone House, 488 Grand Ave., Englewood, N.J.
Olde Stone House, Cochecton Turnpike, Newburgh, N.Y.
The Earl B. Osborns, 350 Main St., Easthampton, Mass.
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Wilton E. Owen, Inc., 515 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Helena Penrose, 931 Third Ave., N.Y.C.
Rachel Farmer Rosatto, Farmers Lane, Billerica, Mass.
Mrs. Eleanor Sawyer, Charlestown, N.H.
Matthew & Elisabeth Sharpe, Conshohocken, Pa.
Kenneth E. Snow, 12 Auburn St., Newburyport, Mass.
Leon F. S. Stark, 1038 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Steuben Glass, 718 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.
David Storkwell, Latimer House, 256 W. 16 St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Elizabeth S. Stokes, East Weare, N.H.
Streeter Blair, 736 No. Lacieniga St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Arthur J. Sussel, 18 and Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Mrs. Hillary Underwood, Sudbury, Vt.
Bird-in-Hand Antiques, Franklin Hill, East Stroudsburg, Pa.
Helen Vaughan, Chestnut Ridge, Bethel, Conn.
Vernay, 124 E. 55 St., N.Y.C.
John S. Walton, 427 Park Ave., N.Y.C.
Otto M. Wasserman, 823 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Mrs. George W. Whichelow, 179 Newbury St., Boston, Mass.
Thomas D. & Constance R. Williams, Litchfield, Conn.
Wilton Antiques Show, William P. Gillette, Lakeville, Conn.

Art Books and Magazines

American Artist, 24 W. 40 St., N.Y.C.
American Heritage, 10 E. 40 St., N.Y.C.
Art Quarterly, Detroit Institute of Arts,  Detroit, Mich.
J. N. Bartfield, 43 W. 56 St., N.Y.C.
Burlington Magazine, 12 Bedford Sq., London WC 1, England
Columbia University Press, 2960 Broadway, N.Y.C.
Dover Publications, Inc., 920 Broadway, N.Y.C.
Princeton University Press, Princeton, N.J.
Weyhe Gallery & Bookstore, 794 Lexington Ave., N.Y.C.
Wittenborn & Co., 38 E. 57 St., N.Y.C.

Miscellaneous (Prints, Frames, Schools, Museums, etc.)

American Federation of Arts, 1083 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.
Arista Photostats, 280 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
College Art Association, 625 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
The Cooper Inn, Cooperstown, N.Y.
Famous Artists Schools, Westport, Conn.
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Mich.
The House of Heydenryk, 141 W. 54 St., N.Y.C.
Lincoln Pioneer Village, Rockport, Ind.
Camilla Lucas, 3 E. 28 St., N.Y.C.
Kenneth Lynch Picture Rods, Route 7, Wilton, Conn.
Mystic Seaport, Mystic, Conn.
Museum Pieces, Inc., 114 E. 32 St., N.Y.C.
Oakledge Inn, Burlington, Vt.
Old Sturbridge Lodge, Sturbridge, Mass.
Parke-Bernet Galleries, 980 Madison Ave., N.Y.C.
Publick House, Sturbridge, Mass.
Schweitzer Frames, 205 E. 54 St., N.Y.C.
The Shaker Museum, Old Chatham, N.Y.
Shelburne Harbour Inn, Shelburne, Vt.
Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, 141 Cambridge St., Boston, Mass.
Totem Indian Village, Route 80, Cooperstown, N.Y.
The University Prints, 15 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass.
Wilson-Irvyng Co., 17 E. 49 St., N.Y.C.
York State Craftsmen, 210 No. Aurora St., Ithaca, N.Y.
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