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January 18th., 1946.

Dear Mrs. Shaw:

It gives me such pleasure to have an opportunity of writing you, and by the same token to inquire how you are, and also to express my regret at not seeing you when you come to New York - as I surmise that from time to time you must have the urge to see our big metropolis.

A little while ago I was told about a collector by the name of John Storrs, who supposedly owns Twentieth Century paintings and for some reason, I dont recall why, I gathered he was from Chicago.  This is of course, business curiosity, and I do hope you will not mind if I address this inquiry to you, but you are always so well posted on such matters.

Earlier today I spoke to our friend Mary Callery, who told me she had a "one man" show at the Arts Club, and I congratulate you as it must be quite a thrill to have her dynamic and so very kinetic sculptures in your Club.  Unfortunately she came back with a bad cold or the "flu" and she has been laid up ever since - but I am glad to say she seemed to be in better spirits.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and with personal regards,

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Alfred Shaw,
64 East Elm St.,
Chicago, Ill.

(Germain Seligman)
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