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1st Question, Your School will not be continued unless you have 30 ^[[insertion]] scholars. [[/insertion]]
Ans' I have an average of 39 scholars.

2d Question, as to Monthly Reports — These shall be duly forwarded ^[[insertion]] monthly. [[/insertion]]

3d Question, The Deed for School-house lot cannot be confirmed by Orphans Court before 25th March 1869 when it will be forwarded. The Deed is guaranteed.

4th Question, The School-house was begun about April 1st 1867

5th " " " " " [[ditto for Question, ditto for The, ditto for School-house, ditto for was]] completed about July 1st 1868

6th " " " " " [[ditto for Question, ditto for The, ditto for School-house, ditto for was]] is finished.

7th " " [[ditto for Question, ditto for The]]  Furniture consists of 8 desks, 15 benches,—
each designed for 2 pupils — 1 stove, 1 black-board, 1 map — U.S. 1 a b c card, 1 Multiplication card and a few scripture cards, 1 clock. We need [[underlined]] more desks and benches and another stove.[[/underlined]]

8th Question, Am'nt paid by Freedmen! [[underlined]] So far as I know $123.00 [[/underlined]]

9th " [[ditto for Question]] Debt on building - $260.38

10th " [[ditto for Question,]] " " [[dittos for Debt on]] the school - $59.61
This includes money advanced by the school committee for the ^[[insertion]] support of [[/insertion]] last year's school as well as this.

11th " [[ditto for Question,]] My board and the tuition is paid by parents at 10c per scholar per week.

12th " [[ditto for Question,]] The principal trustee Littleton Vann P.O. address Milford Delaware

13th " [[ditto for Question,]] The friend of the colored man – the one who assumed the [[strikethrough]] ir [[/strikethrough]] debt on the school building – James H. Bell
Milford Delaware.

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I only completed reviewing through 6th question -- Beth

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