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Melodia Records of the USSR in conjunction with the participation of Soviet folk musicians in the 22nd Festival of American Folklife. Other releases are being planned.

Columbia Records released the benefit album "Folkways: A Vision Shared" on August 22 to considerable critical acclaim. Major articles appeared in The New York [[underline]] Times [[/underline]] and The Washington [[underline]] Post [[/underline]] praising the record. The album contains some of the best known recording artists of the 1980s singing songs written by Woody Guthrie and Huddie Leadbetter, major figures in the early folk music revival and extensively recorded on Folkways Records. The artists on the Columbia Records album have donated their royalties to the Smithsonian to finance the purchase of Folkways Records and the Woody Guthrie Archive. The benefit album is being coordinated with a videotape about the making of the album which is to appear on Showtime and later on National Public Television. Smithsonian Folkways will release a companion album, "Folkways: The Original Vision," with original recordings by Guthrie and Leadbetter of the same songs as those on the Columbia album, as well as some previously unreleased material from the Archives.


Smithsonian Project Discovery (formerly called University of the Air) was established in December 1986 by the Smithsonian Institution and television producer Adrian Malone to create a new integrated, multi-media curriculum on the history of ideas of the 20th century.

Its goal is to help improve U.S. education by integrating the use of high-quality broadcast television dramas and documentaries, books, and interactive, multi-media programs and discs for computers. Smithsonian Project Discovery's television programs will dramatize the lives of the intellectual and cultural leaders of the 20th century and link those lives by documentary series. Together the dramas and documentaries will combine the best attributes of each; [[underline]] people [[/underline]], dramatic and vital, and [[underline]] ideas [[/underline]] brought to life by artifact, place and time. Smithsonian Project Discovery will use books, learning guides, and the latest technology -- such as the interactive disc -- to allow each student to take his or her own path, providing the excitement of discovery, the drama of human stories, the contexts of time and place, and that old-fashioned aim of classical education, synthesis.

Smithsonian Project Discovery has established partnerships with Apple Computer to complete the prototype interactive, multi-media disc, and with the Discovery Channel, to produce and present the television component on cable, followed by broadcasts on American public television and abroad. The companion books will be published and distributed by the Smithsonian Institution Press. The Smithsonian's Resident Associates Program will help package and deliver these materials to adult education audiences throughout the United States.

By 1991 Smithsonian Project Discovery intends to complete four dramas (on Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Nadia Boulanger and John Maynard Keynes), one eight-part documentary series, and accompanying discs and books.
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