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At three thirty Tuesday afternoon the 27th of February 1895 I was seated at the desk in the library writing a note. I had on my black dress, jacket, and hat and my sable furs. I was waiting for Mr. Sands to put in his appearance. I had made an appointment with him to take a walk that afternoon. I had come in from lunch hoping to find Mama out. It was on the strength of that I made the appointment. The man at the door in response to my questions informed me she was not out and had not ordered the carriage. I saw the only plan left for me if I wanted surely to keep my engagement was not to go upstairs, for I had to pass Mama's boudoir where she would almost certainly be to get to my own room. I had to wait ten minutes before the door bell rang. I had just made up my mind that in five more minutes I would go out and go by myself and see Miss Winsor. Perhaps it would have been a good thing if the Fates had willed it so, but just as I was putting the stamp on my letter Mr Sands appeared. He had taken off
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