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his coat and looked very grave, as if something serious were going on instead of just a little spree. We shook hands. He stood on one side of the table. I on the other. I began to wish I had gone to see Miss Winsor. 

"Did you get my message?" I asked inanely, as how should he have come if he had not.

"Yes," he said, "Oh, yes."
"Shall we go out?" I said watching his expression closely.

"Just as you say," he answered.

I was provoked.
"Not if you don't want to," I said coldly.
"Oh yes, I think it would be very nice."

So we went. We no sooner got outside the door than his whole manner changed. His face lit up and he began to laugh. I did the same out of pure happiness being out alone like this, and without Mama having discovered.

"How did you get away?" he said

"Oh it was such fun," I laughed. So I explained a little. I said the maid was busy packing and Mama would be sure to know if I took