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her, which was true. And we went up town as I had no maid. In the Park. It was a beautiful day just the kind for walking. The sort of day it makes you feel happy just to be out in the open air. The park was lovely. There were very few people except by the ponds where there was skating. People looked at us in passing rather curiously. I suppose you don't see two well dressed people often walking along on the little paths of the park unless something is up. The men that we passed scrutinized our faces closely. Some looked as if they knew a lot, some looked at me and smiled. The girls glanced from one to the other of us and made remarks after we passed. I noticed especially (or I should not have thought anything about it), as I wanted to see how it appeared to a stranger. I saw more than I wanted. I can't tell you what we talked about - this that and the other - in the way we had of saying to a certain extent what we felt and thought. When we got quite near home Mr Sands gave me a pencil which I did not want to accept, but could not give any reasons