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2. Report to Comdr, organisation assigned not later than date shown.

3. Report at MATS Passenger Service Counter (a) McGuire AFB, NJ (b) Travis AFB, Calif, time and date specified, for scheduled departure on flight shown.

4. Keep Chief, duty station, advised through available military communication facilities of departure time from ZI and estimated arrival time at oversea duty station. Report to Chief duty station, for duty.

5. Submit application for dependents passport immediately.

6. Submit application for passports immediately and forward to Hq USAF (AFPDC-G) WashDC.

7. Comply with AFM 75-4.

8. A Faxcopy of AF Form 11 will be mailed immediately to the Comdr, parent unit. Morning Report Data will be submitted per paragraph 12, Ch 7, AFM 171-6.

9. While on leave overseas, officer will comply with AFM 35-22 and AFR 34-25.

10. New mailing address is: grade, full name, AFSN, and overseas organization assigned. This address to be used upon completion of TDY, if applicable.

11. While on duty with Royal Canadian Air Force, the orders of Royal Canadian Air force personnel senior in rank will be complied with insofar as they pertain to this duty.

12. During the period of TDY, officer is cleared for access to classified material up to and including (a) Secret (b) Top Secret.

13. PCS. TDN. Dislocation allowance (a) other (b) school (c) SAF waiver.

14. a. 5703500 048-131 P 531.8 S 503725 0200, 0300 (ZI - FY 60)
       5713500 148-131 P 531.8 S 503725 0200, 0300 (ZI - FY 61)
    b. 5703500 048-122 P 531.8 S 503725 0200, 0300 (School - FY 60)
       5713500 148-122 P 531.8 S 503725 0200, 0300 (School - FY 61)
    c. 5703500 048-132 P 531.9 S 503725 0200, 0300 (Overseas - FY 60) (Customer Identification Code 4 5 048 5332 503725)
       5713500 148-132 P 531.9 S 503725 0200, 0300 (Overseas - FY 61) (Customer Identification Code 4 5 148 5332 503725)
    d. 5703500 042-151 P 531.12 S 502900 0200, 0300 (Reimbursable - FY 60) (Customer Identification Code 4 5 042 5332 502900)
       5713500 142-151 P 531.12 S 502900 0200, 0300 (Reimbursable - FY 61) (Customer Identification Code 4 5 142 5332 502900)
    e. In accordance with the terms of the mission agreement, reimbursement will be obtained by the AFAFC from the government of the country assigned. Transportation Officer will inform Budget and Accounting Branch, DCS/C, AFAFC, 3800 York St, Denver, Colo the serial number of the transportation request and bills-of-landing on which reimbursement is to be obtained.

15. A copy of paid voucher and issued transportation requests will be forwarded by the appropriate Finance and Transportation Officers to (a) Comptroller, ATC, Randolph AFB, Tex (b) Comptroller, AU, Maxwell AFB, Ala (c) Finance and Accounting Office, 1100 Support Group, Bolling AFB 25, DC.

16. Transportation of dependents and shipment of household goods at Government expense to TDY station is not authorized.

17. Transportation of dependents (a) is authorized concurrently with sponsor per AFM 75-4, unless otherwise indicated (b) is not authorized.

18. Travel by military or commercial aircraft, surface carrier, rail and bus is authorized.

19. Travel by military aircraft, military and naval water carrier, commercial rail and bus is authorized.

20. Commercial aircraft authorized (including those of foreign registry when US registry is not available) within overseas area.

21. TPA with (a) travel time indicated (b) 1 day travel time (c) 12 days travel time, authorized. If POV is not used, travel time will be the time of the common carrier used.

22. If travel to continental limits of US is performed by scheduled MATS aircraft, AMD and authority for excess personal baggage allowance will be obtained from the local area priority issuing agency.

23. Contact nearest Transportation Officer for transportation to ZI.

24. Contact Transportation Officer, Bolling AFB 25, DC to arrange transportation to overseas destination.

25. When traveling by aircraft, a total of 100 pounds baggage, including excess, is authorized (a) for officer (b) each dependent.

26. No travel involved for officer (s) concerned.

27. Baggage will be shipped per AFR 75-33.

28. Bonafide Member of Household - Transportation authorized from ZI APOE to APOD overseas on a space available basis. Non-revenue traffic. There is no guaranteed space for travel authorized on a space available basis. Traveler must be prepared to continue or return via commercial facilities at personal expense.

29. In the event of Limited War or Mobilization and you are traveling: PCS UNACCOMPANIED - you will proceed as scheduled. PCS ACCOMPANIED - you will contact your last commander by the most expeditious communications means, for instructions before you report to port. In the event of General War or if the continental United States is attacked by a foreign military force while you are enroute to the port, [[underlined]] all travelers [[/underlined]] will report to the nearest active Air Force installation as soon as possible.

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