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11:00 0.7cc Similac
clinging response still poor.
Loud chirp when finished
+ did not [crossout]?[/crossout] want further food. used dinehardt nipple

1305 Begins chirping softly.

13:10 Fed 1.0 cc Similac
Single loud chirp when it was full. Used Dinehardt

16:00 1.0 cc Similac
stim. to urin + def.
used Dinehardt

1900 - .9 cc Similac w/ Dinhart 

2245 - 1.4 cc Similac - Deinhardt
nipple. Very eager to
eat. No vocalizations.

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Still not clinging properly.

12 July 77  Day 3

0200 1.0 cc Similac

0745 1.1 cc Similac
Took milk well -
Had defecated + had
some feces stuck to
body. Looks okay.

[Note in Margin]∑ = 9.65 cc [/end of Note]

0940 .65 cc SMA + 
Sustagen form

Formula 1 Tbls. SMA dry
1 tsp Sustagen 203 H2O

1230 Umbilicus has fallen off.

Fed 1.1 cc SMA & Sustagen formula
defecated at stimulation
provided with golden mother surrogate.

Weight after feeding 48.8 g.

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