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[[strikethrough]] Photograph!!! [[/strikethrough]]

13 July 77 - Day 4 [[E=10.7cc]]

0730 AM- Fed eagerly
1.4cc Dunhardt nipple
No vocalizations.

0945 - 1.0cc
urin - def w/stim.
Feces yellow-brown &

12:00 noon 0.8cc SMA + Sust.
K. Green records vocs. during weighing

1500 hrs wght before feed 49.3g
Fed eagerly ^1.5cc SMA & Sust formula
(New batch!)
no urin & def. with stimulation

1715 1.7cc SMA & Sust.
urin & def with stim.
Frequent tail curling.

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Being kept in acquarium
at home with [[strikethrough]] heater [[/strikethrough]] heating
pad (when necessary)

19:45 Fed 1.6cc SMA & Sustagen
in 3 batches-
did not stimulate to urin or def.

2200 Fed 1.4cc SMA & Sust.
Dunhardt nip.
3 stages.
urinated on hand before feed
had already defecated.
Attempting to pull nipple into mouth.
curling tail into body when
tail straightened.

12 midnight 1.3cc SMA & Sust.
did not urinate or def.
curled into fetal position &
went to sleep in my hand.
Responding well to loud noise &
bright light.

tail curling pronounced  ^[[Fists difficult to unclasp]]
Fist clenching easing.
Little vocalizing.
Can cling, but doesn't unless
fists are attached to fur. Long fur

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