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17 July 77  Day 8  Σ=14.9cc

0830 AM  2.0cc SMA & Sust.
Hiccuped after feeding.

11:20 AM  2.5cc formula

11:40 AM  Wght  56.6g

1:20 PM  urin with stim.

200 PM  2.5cc form. 

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400 PM  1.8cc Sust & SMA
urinates during feed.

7 PM  2.5cc Sust / SMA
no urin/def.

9:10 PM  1.8cc Sust/SMA
defecated prior to feeding very actively seeking, biting at nipple. So alert
That is difficult to initiate feeding (lapping) response.

Hands occasionally unclasped especially right hand.
Legs more often stretched.
Feet unclasped.

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11:10 PM / 1.8cc Sust & SMA
no urin or def w/stim.