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18 July 77  Day 9  Σ=15.9cc

0800 hrs  2.5cc Sust & SMA 
(new formula)
had defecated during night.
did not urin/def with stimulation

observed to scratch head with hindfoot.
Ear pinna erect.

1000 hrs  2cc Sust & SMA

10-12 noon had defecated -

1230 hrs  2cc Sust & SMA
defecated between 1-3 PM.

300 PM  2.5cc SMA & Sust
[[strikethrough]] defecated between 3 [[/strikethrough]]

600 PM  2.5cc SMA & Sust
Prior to feeding - combination of infant rasps & chirps heard.
Animal able to hold head raised completely & rotate head to look around.
Left hand unclasped during feeding. Right still tightly

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clasped.  Feet unclasped & not crossed as much.
Tail curling during sleeping & resting, outstretched sometimes during feeding.

9PM  2.2 cc SMA & Sust.
chirps before feeding hindlimbs stretched during & after feeding

Allowed to sk briefly - 
SK response very strong!

Maintained at 78°F - 90°F for last few days - 
no incubator.

Seems to recognize my voice (or human sounds) vocally responded to my voice when hungry.

10PM showed sk movements towards legs when picked up while sleeping.

12 midnite [[midnight]] - ~2.2cc SMA & Sust
seems to be clasping properly w/left but not right hand.
Spends less time in fetal position - more time in pre-quadrupedal position.

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