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23 July 77 Day 14 [[E]]21.85cc
0900hrs 3.0cc SMA & Sust.
Some feces in cage from night.
1145 hrs 3.0cc SMA & Sust
12:15 Placed a sock around neck - Slept til 1:30
Urinate. Woke up - Put hands on edge of 
1:30 pocket-to grip-seemed to enjoy. Pulled
self completely out of pocket down to chest.*
1:40 Hiccups for two minutes
Back in pocket-looked very alert, interested
in people walking around.
1:50 Vomited a little milk. Very alert active
1:55 Hiccups again-Back in terrarium-
Holding head up, moving around, chirping
and squawking-
*Relaxed hands when pulling self up-
Used [[?]] as lever.
2:10 Squawking. Hungry?
2:15 Squ[[?]]-I lifted up so is sitting on haunches
balanced against "mother." Holds body verti-
cally for about minute, looking around.
2:25 3.25 - 3.5 cc SMA & Sust.
2:40 Asleep in sock.
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3:15 Urinated [[E]] = 21.85
4:00 Urinated
4:45 2.45 cc SMA & Sust (mixed new batch)
Before feeding was alert & squawking. Showed
interest in surroundings - When fed, showed definite
sucking tendencies - Got hiccups after second
half so didn't give additional.
After burping, very alert moving around in hand.
left hand unclasped and relaxed, right hand
clenched. Raised upper half of body and pulled
self up towards my hand so put next to pocket[[scratched out]] sock
and crawled into pocket. Is still hungry - 
Makes small purring sounds, which are different
from sniffing, when nuzzling my hand.
6:15 Weight 62.6 grams. rasping before feed
6:30 Urinated
7:15 3.25 cc. SMA & Sust 
Hiccuping-Chirped and squawked for a
while before, then slept. Being carried
in sock still
9:25 3.40cc SMA & sustin
Reaches for nipple and really appears to
suck-Urinated after last part of feed-
Sleeps horizontally in sock also
11:15 3.50 cc SMA & sust.