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24 July 1977 DAY 15 [[E]]21.6cc
1000 hrs 3.0cc SMA & sust.
1125 hrs Put in sock around neck.
1200 hrs 3.00cc SMA & sust.. chirped during 2nd pt.
Urinated after 1st 1.50 cc-seems to
be a pattern
After finished second part, crawled
over my hand down onto towel in
usual fetal position-Since hadn't 
defecated yet, moistened some cotton
and rubbed all[?] genital area.
Defecated-Feces solid & ball[?] (1)
Went to sleep in sock.
2:00[[scratched out]] 1400 hrs. 3.4cc SMA & sust.
Urinated-Chirped before feeding
Hiccups afterwards-[[scratched out]] Sucked for a few
seconds-left hand as [[?]] unclenched
and right clenched. Put in terrarium.
1600 Took out of terrarium brought to work in
sock-was hungry squawking, then vomited.[[underlined vomited]]
Could have been heat and car motion looks
fine. Kept warm in hand until
incubator heated up. Chirping & rasping
sniffing hand.
Put in incubator - 80 [[degrees symbol]]
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Tot.L. 24.3 Hd.L. 3.6 Hand 3.0 wt. gain = 2.6g [[box drawn around wt. gain = 2.6g]]
Tail 13.3 Ear Width 1.4 Foot 3.4 [[E]] = 21.6cc
H-B 11.0 Ear Hgt 1.7
1645 Drank 2.9cc SMA & Sust.
Was trembling during last part of feed. Sniffling
sounds very audible. Chirped a lot during
feeding. Seemed very alert. May have been
chilled by cold room.
Placed in incubator inside sock-80[[degrees symbol]].
1700 hrs. Appears to be sleeping
1820 hrs Weight 65.9g
Urinated-lost .7g so weighs 65.2g [[box drawn around 65.2g]]
Seems O.K. sniffling still evident, [[?]]
says doesn't sound bad.
18:45 SMA-sust 3.5cc.
Hiccups before end of feed so put on back
and rubbed stomach-Seemed to enjoy-
Anyway, no more hiccups. Then finished feed.
Fell asleep in same position in my hand. Seems
to go through several stages. Have noticed this
in sock: (1) doses gradually with eyes half
closed, making sucking motions with mouth
kneading gestures with hands; (2) eyes
gradually close tightly at which time he
makes little chirps, nestles deeper into
hand or sock, making sniffling & nudging
sounds as butts with head (3) Then is
completely out and relaxed - Quiet, and
can even pick up and doesn't wake up.

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