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21.[[scribbled out]]50rs [[number obscured by brown stain]]00 cc SMA and Sust. Hiccups, rubbed
stomach & went away.
2320 hrs. 2.8cc SMA & Sust. Fell asleep twice
when I tried to burp him, so didn't force him.
[[line drawn across page]]
25 July 77 DAY 16 [[E]] 23.05cc
0830 hrs. 3.75 cc SMA & sust
Hiccups - Rubbed stomach & went away.
Sucked about .25 cc himself Made
reaching movements with right hand-
although still closed fist, for bottle.
Carried to work in sock, then placed in incub.
1045 hrs 3.25 cc SMA & sust
Hiccups. Rubbed stomach-
11:40 Took out of incubator to show Bob crest [[strikethrough]]
hair elevation & flattening response
on head. Didn't respond to stimulation
by [?], sticking, waving, poking fingers
close to eyes or head. Appears
alert and curious but can't tell what
is looking at, IF HE CAN SEE.
Urinated in my hand.
Incubator temp. 84 [[degree symbol]]
1255 hrs. Defecated - Two medium brown, solid
[[end page]]
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[[E]] = 23.05cc.
1300hrs 2.8cc SMA & sust. with difficulty. Although
heat turned up, seems to get cold quickly
1530 3.2cc SMA & sust. feeding interrupted
by phone call-Sucking increases with each
feed. Didn't finish till 4. Suzanne Kennedy
looked at animal & tested responses.
Response to light but not focusing or response
to object close up-No response to clapping or
snapping _ Could it be that doesn't respond
to low frequencies?
1735 Wt 65.8 g.
1815 3.4cc SMA & sust.
Hiccups. Urinated
2015 3.9cc SMA & sust. Drank most by himself.
Placed on skinny artificial mother in 
2315 2.75 cc SMA & sust. Wanted more but didn't 
give because belly swollen _ Perhaps because
allowed to suck most of milk on own_ie
may have taken in some air_ Shows cling
response at various angles on surrogate mother.