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26 July 77 DAY 17 [[E]] 22.8 cc
0820 3.6cc SMA & sust. Drank first bottle
alone. Hiccups after last feeding. Put back
in terrarium.
1020 hrs 3.6cc SMA & sust. Drank whole bottle
on his own in one go. Urinated afterwards
Hiccups _  Stayed on surrogate mother-Shows
some clinging_limbs spread out in were
natural position, relaxed. 
1240 hrs 3.6 cc SMA & sust.
Urinated, defecated (solid _ 2) Hiccups.
Alert, clinging to surrogate mother.
1400 hrs Urinated
1420 hrs vomited-just a little
1510 hrs 2.0cc SMA & sust. Didn't give more
because didn't want to overdo on upset
1420 Urinated
1720 Feces, 4 - formed, solid, odorless.
1730 3.0 cc SMA & sust
Fell asleep after 1st bottle,
Vocalized before feeding
1850 Urinated. Afterwards, wt. 67.1 g[[box in pencil and circle in red around 67.1 g]]
[[end page]]
[[start page]]
WT = 67.1 g [[box drawn around WT = 67.1 g]] [[E]]= 22.8cc.
1950 hrs 3.50cc SMA & sust.
Urinated. Sueezed while drinking _
Wouldn't let suck afterwards
Looks around [[inserted]]alertly[[/inserted]] [[?]] discovered that if you 
turn him away from object of gaze,
his pupil tries to follow_If object
moves, no response_So maybe he can see!
2205 hrs Urinated. Woke up, vocalized.
Scratched side_Firt time I've seen him
do it on his own.
2215 hrs. 3.50 cc. SMA & sust.

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