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27 July 77 DAY 18 [[E]] = 25.0cc.

0745 hr. 4.0 cc SMA & sust.

0815 hrs Put in incubator

0900-0930 Awake, looking up, head & chest
raised on elbows, fists partially
clenched_ Grasped large & small
surrogate mothers, crawled over
to back. _Fell behind and
was unable to pull self up, but when
righted, remained sitting up. Mouthed
wooden edge of towel rack around
which fur arranged, repeatedly and 
with vigor_Clasped fur with feet and
[[?]] one hand_Efforts at trying to pull
self up back side of surrogate mother
appeared too much for muscle develop-
ment, as yet. [[Trunk]] head or arms
would tremble after each attempt.
Moved around with upper part of body
mostly erect for about 1/2 hr. Sometimes
vocalized and opened mouth wide (gape?)
Finally gave up and went to sleep on
side. Note[[underlined Note]]: Since he was fed at 7:45
shouldn't have been hungry but
acted that way.
Scratched ^[[side]] with hind foot several 

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10:45 Scratching side w/ right [?].
contacting body. Raises elbow to get to
[[strikethrough]]under[[/strikethrough]] armpit during scratch.
Clearly more alert & active & coordinated
relative to 23rd July
Fed ~ 3.6cc SMA & SusT.
Allowed to sk[?] on own but swallowed too quicly. Sneezing sev'l
times after feed. Yawned 3X
during feed. Tilts head
while gazing.
Exhibiting almost normal grasp & clutch
by opening & shutting fists

1300 Wakes up, alert, rasping & chirping,
scratching, [[strikethrough]] looked [[/strikethrough]] looking around,
3.5 cc SMA & SusT. - rapid eager feeding
1/2 sk 1/2 lap

1500 Awake, rasping, looking around, scratching, 

1530 3.5cc SMA & SusT 1/2 sk 1/2 lap

1730 67.7g[[circled in red]]

1740 [[circled in red]]3.5cc 1/2 sk 1/2 lap[[/circled in red]]

2015 3.4cc SMA & Sust
carried in sock (new formula)
2300 3.5cc - sk most of
bottle using nipple
with larger hole
holding head up when awake for 1/2 hr.

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