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2 Aug 77 Day 24 [[E]]=25.2 cc milk
[[E]]=3.4 cc cereal

0900 - well formed feces in cage
6.0 cc SMA & Sust.
when no longer hungry will
begin gazing around &
head shake when nipple put
near mouth.

11:30 1.4 cc rice cereal mixed w/ milk formula
4 cc milk formula
defecated during feed.
took cereal very well - bites
at syringe when eating cereal.

1325 81.0 gm wght

1400 3.5 cc milk (new [[strikethrough]] form [[/strikethrough]] 
SMA & Sust batch formula)

1645 3.5 cc [[strikethrough]] mil [[/strikethrough]] SMA & Sust
2.0 cc Gerbers rice
cereal w/ milk formula

Photographs taken by D.G.K. & C.D.

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Sibling in SMH was off today
for 30" - 1 minute.
[[box around Sibling in SMH was off today for 30" - 1 minute.]]

1945 5 cc SMA & Sust.
Grooming foot after 

2200 Firm feces present.

2300 3.2 cc SMA & Sust

Incubator at office left off.
(1) while sitting upright holding
shag [[wh/?]] gave leverage
[[strikethrough]] clearing [[/strikethrough]] clearly visually
followed nipple as it
approached & thrust forequarters
& head forward to make contact.
(2) when awake, commonly
sits with forequarters
raised & gazing around.
(3) Clasping shag so well that
he's difficult to extricate
from shag.
(4) Use fft more frequently to
scratch belly, rump
(5) scratch reflex only when I
stimulate ear.
(6) Stretching movements when he wakes
up.  (7) May sleep with tail curled over