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26.6[[scribbled out]]
16 Aug 77 Day 38 [[Sum symbol]]= 26.6cc
[[Sum symbol]]= 2.2 Gerbers pears
0830 2.2cc SMA & Sust
2.6cc cereal
1.7cc pears
1145 Ate piece of [[scribbled out]] banana
on own in incubator (2-3g)
4.6cc milk with
little marmoset chow
in it.
0.5cc pears Gerbers
215 3.2 milk
2.2 Hi Pro cereal
430 ^[[insertion]]Full[[/insertion]] Piece of banana = ~ 3-4g.
while photographing
stills & Super -8
5:10PM wght 120.g
[[end page]]
[[start page]]
5:25 PM 5.4cc milk & HiPro
730 PM 2.6 cc milk &
HiPro cereal
bit of apple.
10:15 3.8cc milk & cereal
before ate considerable
apple - self-feeding
moves, from piece to piece
carries apple in mouth
[[scribbled out]] Able to jump, climb up onto
objects, pounce -
pounces more than walks