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bromeliad talk by Ricardo & Elena.

Re: animals:
[[underlined]] GLTs in Pedreira [[/underlined]]: 

[[circled]] A [[/circled]] They haven't seen Ron, #9, & Rita since 31 January
Rita [[strikethrough]] bit [[/strikethrough]] attacked Ziane in mid-Jan. They estimate that her young were born ~6 Jan.

[[circle]] B [[/circle]] Pandora & Micueca were copulating about one week before she aborted. Data indicate that she aborted @ 129 d. after introduction, but main copulating activity about 1 week after introd. [[image - three circles arranged in form of triangle]] abortion was full- or nearly-full-term. No sign of fetus. 

About one week after abortion Aphrodite started hanging 

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14 FEB

out with Micueca & scent marking a lot. Not clear what is happening (Pandora weight on 15 Feb is 540 compared with Aphrodite & Micueca over 600. Young "Z" whose first birthday is 15 Feb [[(amanhe)??]] weighs @ 470g. 

May be that Pandora is failing. Note: Inêz indicates that they are no longer supplementing the animals in the Pedreira.

[[underlined]] GLTs in Pesagro [[/underlined]]:

Are still being supplemented on alternate days. Recently fruit availability has decreased and N.O. group is eating most of provisioned food. Wich. only eating about 1/2.

In Nov.-Feb.

[[circled]] A [[/circled]] Group are having encounters
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