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Monday, January 28, 1946 GODMAN FIELD BEACON Page 5
[[column one and 2]]
By Pfc. Sanford E. Chambliss
This week we have witnessed a Rumormonger's Fiesta, with "Sprat" covering everything from "No more discharges" to "Everyone out by February 15th". However we are going to believe exactly nothing until we see our name on orders.

It's not a rumor about Sgt. Richard Odom, though... Yes, he thinks he'll really get out this time... We sincerely hope that there is no more freezing of MOS numbers, or rescinding of orders before we get out. It's not pleasant to be ready to hit the "Shorts", and here's some guy say that you're "frizen"... It's about time they did away with some of the ice around here... This freezing gets one down.
[[image – headshot photo of a man in military uniform with collared shirt and tie, close-cropped hair and narrowly trimmed mustache taken in front of a brick wall; caption: Pfc. Sanford E Chambliss]]
Nice to see our Squadron basketball team get off to such a fine start... Keep it up, men... 'Twas most gratifying to note that the team functioned as a TEAM... Not too much individual stardom.

The Baileys (Roger D and Miss Hodges) were really enjoying themselves at our little party the other night... We like to see couples look and act like they do... It makes one believe there is still something good in life... Happy birthday to Ann Johnson... Incidentally, above party was given in her honor... Just a cozy little affair attended by Willie Fielder (the gardener) Robert Mayes, the Baileys, the Paul Harrises, and yours truly.

NCO Club was on the beam Tuesday night with rhythm section of the "Honeydrippers", augmented by sax and trumpet, rendering some really hot licks... Later in the evening, some of the Keesler Field alumni started singing "Alouette"... Made us think of the old days when we were still soaking our dogs in hot water in an attempt to adjust them to GI shoes.

We heard from Jack Chancellor at Shaw Field... Tells us that the fellows from Godman are not doing bad at all down there... Frank Dunlap transferred from Westover to shaw... Bob Fiddemont reports from Westover that he is playing New York madly these days... We are always glad to hear from the fellows who were transferred to other bases from Godman.

So long, fellows and don't forget the Art Show.
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[[column one only]]
General Arnold... 
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the Air Corps up to its required strength – before the next war was upon us.

Incensed military seniors exiled Arnold to a minor command in the Middle West, where he grimly started the long climb up the military ladder again. It took him twelve years to fulfill Mitchell's prophecy. In 1938 Arnold was made chief of the Air Corps, and in the seven years that followed, he planned, directed and carried through to smashing victory in the greatest of air wars those theories for which General Mitchell had been broken.
[[Column 2 only]]
Tuesday, January 29
The Return of Frank James
(Re-issue) (F 109)
Henry Fonda, Gene Tierney
Speaking of Animals
Fitzpatrick Travel Talk
Two Showings: 5:30 and 7:30
Wednesday, January 30
Miss Sussie Slagle's (F 104)
Sonny Tufts, Veronica Lake
Pete Smith Specialities
News of the Day No. 241
One Showing: 5:30
Thursday, January 31
Abilene Town (F 109)
Randolph Scott, Ann Dvorak
Melody Master Band
World of Sports
2 Showings: 5:30 and 7:30
[[column 3]]
[[image – illustration, signed GH – a long rectangle the top portion white, the bottom portion black – the word WAC is written in black on the white; the word chatter is printed in white on the black – on the left, a drawing of 2 uniformed women, in military uniform standing together and talking – on the right, 2 women seen in uniform one facing the viewer, the other facing left, and they also appear to be talking]]
By Dorothy Dove

Hello... Ever hear this one?
People, who live in glass houses, shouldn't... 
CLOUDS (the gloomy kind please)
Well, we all know who possesses the handsomest headache on the field now that the piece of "spratt" concerning WAC discharges becomes FACT! Drat it all... Twenty-four months!! Tell me, is there anyone here eligible?

[[Image – headshot photo of a woman with pouffy hair and a warm and friendly smile, wearing a WAC uniform with collared shirt and tie – caption: Dorothy Dove]]

Besides, we're gloomy this week anyway. As Louise Barnes put it: "Here comes basic all over again... complete with bed check 'n everything!" And then she said some more stuff that I just wish I dared repeat here... But I can't. Anyway, Barnes, we agree with you!

Some sweet little thing is going to have her ears chewed right off her cute little head... According to some dirt we gathered in the laundry, she had better wise up to the fact that "three's a crowd", or a triangle!

And to the worm who happened upon one pair of poor defenseless woolen gloves; you kept going, in weather like this, knowing they weren't yours! We shake our heads sadly... You're going to do a beautiful reaping job one of these days... Believe me!

Who's going to congratulate someone for the disappearance of those cobwebs from the "sitting room" of the service club? Wonder if it was because of one of those rough Saturday morning inspections? F'rinstance, some patriots of wing 5024 were rushing around like mad hatters trying to "police" the outside area... For a holy purpose, we learned later... HOW Holy, indeed.

By the way, why all the suppressed grins and giggles when the inspecting party arrived? They seemed to grab the whole squadron at once. Took me back to the good old days of Des Moines... When we sweated inspections out like real West Pointers... WITHOUT the grins, Remember?

NAME – Miss Laverne Boyer Birch. HOMETOWN – Boston, Mass. DOINGS – Assigned here as Program Director Fresh back from many months of the European Theatre! Two years of England, fourteen months of France! Miss Birch, this column and the whole of "A" Squadron say a hearty welcome to you. We hope you'll like it here, and that this won't be your toughest assignment.

To have Dora Thomas back with us again... Even if she did lose nine pounds in the hospital and came back looking better than ever... We missed her!

To see that M. B. Has cooled off... Boy! Can she fume! Mount Vesuvius has nothing on that girl... She raises cain most ably. Ask some left-winger... Just any left-winger of bldg 5024... She 
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