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Monday, January 28, 1946
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[[cartoon: 4 panels - (1) 2 attractive women escorting a small man in uniform;  (2) man in officer's (?) uniform; (3) the two women & small man in front of man in uniform; woman on left saluting the man in uniform who returns the salute; (4) man in uniform looking puzzled with exclamation mark over his head. Artist's name in lower right of panel]]

ACK-ACK By Tom Richardson
[[cartoon: 4 panels -
(1) Two men, corporal in uniform, private in fatigues; hangar and tank truck in background, single engine plane swooping toward the ground.  1st man (corporal, dragging his parachute) says to private leaning on shovel: Say Ack-Ack, lone me five dollars will ya?
(2)  Same two men - private to corporal: I'm broke, I took me girl out last night and spent two dollars on her. 
(3)  Same two men, corporal to private: Ya mean ta tell me ya took ya girl out and didn't spend but two dollars? 
(4)  Same two men.  [[private to corporal]] Sho, that's all she had. Artist's name in lower right corner of panel]]

CPL. COOLBREEZE esq. By George H. Wilson
[[cartoon: 5 drawings - (1) Woman with exclamation mark looking over her shoulder at man (in fatigues, sleeves rolled up, his nose in the air ignoring woman) walking by.  (2) Woman with question mark looking over her shoulder at the same man walking by. (3) Startled woman walking away from the same man who apparently ignored her. (4) 4 HOURS LATER IN LOONEY-VILLE.  (5) Two caricatures of man (in corporal's uniform w/ Air Force patch (tipsy?)) and woman (blushing?)  holding hands sitting on bar stools with drinks on bar and bartender mixing drink - sign on window ROUND DERBY. Artist's name in lower right corner of panel.]]

Transcription Notes:
The point being that the corporal ignored three normal looking women and ended up with a strange looking woman?

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