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477th Wants Selway Removed; New Order Limits Promotions
NEW YORK--Realizing that they are behind the proverbial "eight ball" officers of the 477th Bombardment Group, currently stationed at Godman Field Ky., last week voiced their demands through The Pittsburgh Courier, to the War Department to "re-move Colonel Selway from his present position as commanding officer of the group an release of three officers who were being held for court-martial."  They know, too, that their position is a precarious one and being "clamped down by Army Regulation" they cannot openly demand an investigation by Congress which they believe is the only way that the unhappy affair, now existing at Godman, can be "satisfactorily ironed out."
The officer, acting as spokesman for the group, said they had been moved to Godman Field with the understanding that the unit was to be commanded by Negroes, but a few days ago they seized an official secret letter dated April 27, addressed to Colonel Selway, "Sub-ject: Authorized White Officer Per-sonnel." The letter stated that there would be no white officers below the rank of major and no Negro officers above that rank, which means, like the men said, that the group commander and squadron commanders and all key operation positions will be held by white officers, auto-matically eliminating the possi-bility of any Negro officer being in a position to give orders.
The young officers also stated that Colonel Selway is responsible for the rumor that Negroes would man the group, despite the fact that he and several other officers (white) are known to have is-sued the unjustifiable statement that Negros were unprepared and 
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What of Col. Selway--Courier... "Be Patient with Us!" --Patterson
WASHINGTON-- When told by The Courier that it was believed to be general Army policy that whenever a superior lost the respect and cooperation of his subordinates the superior was removed from command, and asked why Colonel Selway was still in command of the 477th Bombardment Group at Freeman Field, Under-Secretary of War Patterson, in his regular Thursday press conference said that this was the same question he had been asked in a different form last week.
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477th Wants Selway
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incapable of handling the command of a bomber group.
Although there have been no accidents during the regular pr-riod of operational training he (Sel-way_ continues to maintain this view. He draws the conclusion, that there have been no accidents in the group, because it is being commanded by white officers.
All the men in the group are agreed on three demands, which are:
That the three officers now be-ing held are released.
That Selway be relieved of his duties.
That the War Department elim-inate discrimination.
"We all want to know," one of the officers declared, "will the War Department decide whether we are first-rate or second-rate soldiers--- or if there is going to be any dif-ferentiation, come clean and assert themselves."
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