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[[10 rows of 6 enlisted personnel with titles in corresponding text and one larger picture of officer]] 
[[Larger picture of officer]]

[[10 rows of the enlisted personnel]]
COLBERT, George M., Sgt., 2712 Sherman Ave., N.W., Washington D.C.
COLES, Calvin J., Sgt., 268 High St., Hackensack, N.J.
COULTHURST Audley E., Sgt., 43 West 112th St., New York, N.Y.
CROWE, Hugh W., Sgt., 115 W. Penn St., Evansville, Ind.
CRUTCHER, Charles A., Sg., 319 Prospect., Wheaton, Ill

CURTIS, Frank N., Sgt., Parkersburg, W. Va.
DELFYETTE, Richard, Sgt., 62 West 115th St., New York, N.Y.
DICKEY, Earle L., Sgt., 115 N. Ninth St., Darby, Pa.
Dillard, Harold, Sgt.
EDEY, Simeon A., Sgt., 279 River St., Cambridge, Mass. 
EDWARDS, Leslie, Sgt.

FLEMING, Jimmie L., Sgt., 1001 Alfred Dr., Ashtabula, ohio
FLOWERS, Jean, Sgt., 4311 N. Market St., St. Lous, Mo.
GILSTRAP, Waymon. Sgt., 295 Trenholm St., Atlanta, Ga.
GOODMAN, Charles S., Sgt., 473 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
GRAGG, Robert J., Sgt., 4903 N.E. 29th Ave., Portland, Ore.
GREENE, Mitchell, Sgt., 507 Medbury, Detroit, Mich.

GREELEA, George H., Sgt., 114 Staley St., Opelika, Ala.
HACKETT, Holmes Jr., Sgt., 354 Pacific Ave., Jersey City, N.J.
HAIRSTON, Jams T., Sgt., 414 Ross St., Danville Va.
HAMPTON, Jerry T., Sgt., 3440 107th St., Corona, N.Y.
HARRIS, Daniel Sgt., Rt. 2, Stuttgart, Ark.
HARVEY, Sylvester C., Sgt., Toledo, Ohio.

HOLMAN, Hubert L., Sgt., 617 Hudson St., Indianapolis, Ind.
HOYLES, Joseph M., Sgt., 239 Madison St., Brooklyn, Ny.Y.
HUDSON, George G., Sgt., 6633 S. Rhodes Ave., Chicago, Ill. 
HYNES, Amos, Jr., Sgt., 318 E. 11th St., Newton, Kan.
JACKSON, Julius J., Sgt., 1635 Wharton St., Philadelphia, Pa.
JAMESON, Luther J., Sgt., 5209 Ward St., Cincinnati, Ohio

JOHNSON, Gordon, Sgt., 30 and 1/2 River St., Danbury, Conn.
JOHNSON, WIlliam T., Sgt., 49 Elmer St., Hartford Conn.
JONES, John W., Sgt., 113 Oberlin Rd., Elyria, Ohio. 
KELLER, Clarence R., Sgt., 790 E. 158th St., Bronx, N.Y.
KEYES, George, Sgt.
LEAVELLE, Raymond, Sgt., 666 St. Nicholas Ave., New York, N.Y.

LEDBETTER, Charles W., Sgt., 86 Mather St., Hartford, Conn.
LONG, Clem, Sgt., 112 Douglas Way, San Antonio, Tex.
LOPES, Manuel, Sgt., 62 Sherman St., S. Dartmouth, Mass.
LOWERY, Thomas L., Jr., Sgt., 914 W. French Pl., San Antonio, Tex.
McCADDEN, Charles F., Sgt., 3935 Fourth Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn.
MITCHELL, Isaac T., Sgt., 2634 Wylie Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.

MOSLEY, James, Sgt., Box 1025, Brownfield, Tex.
OWENS, Clarence J., Sgt., 945 Grant St., Beaumont, Tex.
PALMER, Coleridge, Sgt., 1009 Whitted St., Durham, N.C.
PARKER, Reginald W., Sgt., 3802 S. Parkway, Chicago, Ill.
PARKEY, Kenneth L., Sgt., 937 15th St., Des Moines, Iowa.
PENN, David H., Sgt., 3107 Sampler St., Houston, Tex.
PURIFOY, Grant U., Sgt., Snow Hill, Ala.
REDDING, James W., Sgt., 817 N. Peters St., South Bend, Ind. 
REED, George B., Sgt.
REEVES, Frank, Sgt.
ROBINSON, Roy A., Sgt., 1020 N. 21st St. St. Louis, Mo.

ROSE, Alexander, Sgt., 1611 W. Lexinton St., Baltimore, Md. 
ROSS, George W., Sgt., 13 Edgerton Terr., East orange, N.J.
ROWLETT, Charles G., Sgt., 307N. Second St., Murray, Ky.
ROY, John S., Sgt., 1951 Logan St., Shreveport, La.
RUTLEDGE, Isaac V., Sgt. 340 56th St. Fairfield, Ala.
SANDERS, Christopher, Sgt., 2324 W. Comberland St., Philadelphia, Pa.
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