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HUBBARD, Luther, Cpl., 1000 Bryant Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn.

HUNT, Calvin, Cpl., 13938 Lumpkin Ave., Detroit, Mich.

HUTCHINS, Morris W., Cpl., 531 Franklin St., Danville, Va.

INMAN, Tracy C., Cpl., Rt. 2, Box 300, Fairmont, N. C.

JACKSON, Leroy, Cpl., Hodge, La.

JACKSON, Preston M., Cpl., 1100 Second Ave., Leavenworth, Kan.


JOHNSON, Lawrence, Cpl., 6238 S. Parkway, Chicago, Ill

JOHNSON, L. M. Cpl., Rt. 5, Lumberton, N. C.

JOHNSON, Nelson, Cpl., 6141 Enens Ave., Chicago, Ill.

JONES, Harold L., Cpl., Charleston, S. C.

JONES, Henry, Jr., Cpl., 1008 1/2 Oak St., Monroe, La.

JONES, Roderic A., Cpl., 8 Retford Ave., Cranford, N. J.


KENNEDY, Benny L., Cpl., 538 Lincoln Ave., Youngstown, Ohio.

KIMBERLIN, William A., Cpl., 25 NorthLane St., Lebanon, Ohio.

KIRK, Solomon R., Cpl., St. Louis, Mo.

LANDRUM, Jefferson, Cpl., 414 N. Second St., Vinita, Okla.

LEE, Noble, Cpl., 939 Clay St., Detroit, Mich.

LOTHLON, Charles D., Cpl., 2008 E. 24th St. Terr., Kansas City, Mo.


LUCAS, John C., Cpl., 14 Buffington Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.

MALONE, Isaac, Cpl., 507 Carpenter St., Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.

MARABLE, John L., Cpl., 11365 Cameron St., Detroit, Mich.

McCOY, William E., Cpl.

McDONALD, Walter T., Cpl., 613 18th St., Washington, D. C.

MENDES, Benjamin A., Cpl., 74 Bainbridge St., Roosevelt, N. Y.


MITCHELL, Howard, Cpl., 204 Morris Ave., Hamilton, Ohio.

MOORE, Ivory V., Cpl., 616 Burkett St., Taylor, Tex.

MORGAN, Jackie R., Cpl., 1174 E. 21st St.. Los Angeles, Calif.

NEW, Albert J., Cpl.

NICHOLS, Clifton V., Cpl., 5446 Michigan, Chicago, Ill.

NORMAN, Henry, Cpl., 204 Troy Ave., Kansas City, Kan.


PASCHAL, Patron E., Cpl., 347 N.W. Eighth St., Miami, Fla.

PATTERSON, William B., Cpl., 3116 Miami St., Omaha, Neb.

PAYNE, William H., Cpl., Rt. 1, Ripley, Ohio.

PRICE, Nathaniel, Cpl., 5007 Sheriff Rd., N.E., Wahington, D. C.

PROTHO, Leroy B., Cpl., 37 Peach Pl., Pasadena, Calif.

PRYOR, Ellsworth P., Cpl., 2025 Ohio St., Omaha, Neb.


QUEEN, Melvin M., Cpl., 2307 M St., N.W., Washington, D. C.

REED, William E., Cpl.

REESE, William, Cpl.

RICHARDSON, Samuel L., Cpl.

RICHARDSON, Thomas L., Cpl., Box 276, Warrenton, N. C.

ROUSE, Willie, Cpl., 13601 Anderson Ave., Augusta, Ga.


RUSSELL, Otis C., Cpl., 1416 McCulloch St., Fort Wayne, Ind.

SCOTT, Clarence E., Cpl., 622 Cawthorn Court, Louisville, Ky.

SCOTT, Walter H., Cpl., 26 East View Ave., White Plains, N. Y.

SHARPE, Leonard, Cpl., 524 E. Adams St., Detroit, Mich.

SHINGLES, Iders, Cpl., 17 E. North St., Akron, Ohio.

SIMMS, Waymon A., Cpl., 423 Clark St., Quincy, Fla.


SIMON, Thomas J., Cpl., 440 1/2 N.W. 15th St., Miami, Fla.

SIMMONS, Clarence, Cpl., 140 Mustill St., Akron, Ohio.

SMITH, Howard, Cpl., 21 Carpenter St., Woodbury, N. J.

SMITH, Joe, Cpl., 203 Mitchell St., Toledo, Ohio.

SMITH, John S., Cpl., 1734 N. Seventh St., Milwaukee, Wis.

SPENCER, Theodore, Cpl.


STANIGAR, Keith I., Cpl., 2114 McDougall, Detroit, Mich.

STEELE, William J., Cpl., 1124 S. Second St., Camden N. J.

STEWART, James, Jr., Cpl., 2411 Riverside Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn.

STONE, Richard, Cpl., 723 E. Pecan St., Sherman, Tex.

TAYLOR, Robert O., Cpl., 6598 Stanfor, Detroit, Mich.

THOMPSON, Cecil A., Cpl., 921 Bellevue, St. Joseph, Mo.
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