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[[images - black & white photographs of members of the 99th Fighter Squadron]]


HENRY, Thomas L., S/Sgt., 2732-A Market St., St. Louis, Mo.
JACKSON, George W., S/Sgt., 1042 Blackadore Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
JACKSON, William M., S/Sgt., 774 N. Webb Ave., Alliance, Ohio
JENNINGS, Everrod T., S/Sgt., 6110 St., Lawrence Ave., Chicago, Ill.
MERRICK, Henry, Jr., S/Sgt., 1206 Turreganno St., Palmetto, La.
POWELL, William J., Jr., S/Sgt 6014 Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.


SAUNDERS, Harris S., S/Sgt., 261 West 116th St., New York, N. Y.
TERRELL, Hollis B., S/Sgt., Jones Store P. O., Spotsylvania Co., Va.
THOMAS, Christopher A., S/Sgt., Box 155, Lundale, W. Va.
TUTT, Benjamin W., S/Sgt., 4338 Page Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.
ABBOTT, Amos, Sgt., 500 Pyramid Court, Cairo, Ill.
ALEXANDER, Joseph, Sgt., 629 E. 50th St., Los Angeles, Calif.


ANTHONY, Ernest W., Sgt., 201 Prospect Ave., Asbury Park, N. J.
BAILEY, George O., Sgt., Pence Springs, W. Va.
BOYKIN, James E., Sgt., 2044 1/2 N.W. Sixth Ct., Miami, Fla.
BREEDLOVE, Charlie B., Sgt., 420 N. Hardford, Tulsa, Okla.
CHAMBERS, Jesse, Sgt., 118 Binford, Ogden, Utah
CLAYTON, George F., Sgt., 87 Bartram Ave., Lansdowne, Pa.


COFFEE, Bertrand W., Sgt., Rt. 2, Box 62, Frankfort, Kan.
ELLIS, William R., Sgt., Springfield, Ohio
FERRELL, Arthur, Sgt., 1390 Boston Rd., Bronx, N. Y.
FLORIDA, Perry, Sgt., Rt. 2, Hughes Spring, Tex.
FLETCHER, Nathan P., Jr., Sgt., 430 East Eighth St., Rushville, Ind.
GARRETT, Thirkield, Sgt., 6141 Indiana Ave., Chicago, Ill.


GOODWIN, Charles H., Sgt., 148 Patchen Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
GREEN, Irving A., Sgt., 834 Vance St., Toledo, Ohio
GRIFFIN, Lovell, Sgt., 5431 Owasco St., Cincinnati, Ohio
HALL, William F., Sgt., 132 N.S. Carolina Ave., Atlantic City, N. J.
HAYNES, Relfus J. Jr., Sgt., 10 Herminway Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y.
HUCKABEE, James E., Sgt., 711 E. 50th St., Chicago, Ill.


JOHNSON, James A., Sgt., P. O. Box 1377, Vanderbilt, Pa.
KIMBROUGH, Ollie T., Sgt., 2101 Prospect Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
KINE, Moses L., Sgt., 3598 E. 143rd St., Cleveland, Ohio
LANE, Lowell H., Sgt., 40 West 136th St., New York, N. Y.
LAWRENCE, Robert M., Jr., Sgt., 705 Second St., Warren, Ohio
MASTERSON, Ralph H., Sgt., 2646 Lafayette St., Denver, Colo.


McLEAN, Davis, Sgt., 6222 Desmond St., Cincinnati, Ohio
MEADE, Russell D., Sgt., 1704 Stockton St., Richmond, Va.
POWELL, Robert M. Sgt., 535 Bergen St., Newark, N. J.
PRATOR, Julius N., Sgt., 283 W. 118th St., New York, N. Y.
ROLLINS, Philip J., Sgt., Hustle, Va.
STEPHENS, Carl F., Sgt., 2219 E. 37th St., Cleveland, Ohio


THOMAS, John W., Sgt., 3481 Howard Ave., Pennsauken, N. J.
THOMPSON, Elmer, Sgt., Churchton, Md.
WARREN, Joseph F., Sgt., 5850 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.
WESTON, Frederick L., Sgt., 845 Iglehartan, Saint Paul, Minn.
WILLIAMS, Felix A., Sgt., P. O. Box 402, Winter Haven, Fla.
WILLIAMS, Leroy E., Sgt., Rt. 1, Salem, N. J.


WILSON, Roy, Sgt.
WINFREE, Saunders, Sgt.,
YOUNG, William C., Sgt., Amonate, Va.
ABRAMS, Larry C., Cpl., 1707 Chicon St., Austin, Tex.
ALFRED, Edward R., Cpl., 3515 S. Kemper Dr., Arlington, Va.
BAGLEY, Samuel E., Cpl., 24 Montgomery Pl., Trenton, N. J.


BAKER, Clyde L., Cpl., 312-E Thompson St., Vidalia, Ga.
Baker, Paul, Cpl., 121 Oakwood Pl., Orange, N. J.
BARBER, Chalmers, Cpl., 2903 Penn. Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
BAYNES, Lucione, Cpl., 10 Heminway Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y.
BELL, Cleveland, Cpl., Box 2, Rt., 256., Tyler, Tex.
BILLUPS, Joseph, Cpl., 291 Winder St., Detroit, Mich.
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