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[[images - black & white photographs of members of the 387th Headquarters and Service Squadron]] 

STARKEY, Jessie B., Cpl., 311 Longworth St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
STITH, James D., Cpl., Rt. 1, Box 25, Crewe, Va.
THOMPSON, William B., cPL., 521 St. Nicholas Ave., Apt. 201, Mew York, N. Y.
WALKER, Winthrop, Cpl.
WELLS, Herman T., Cpl., 111 Lippitt St., Providence, R. I.
WHITE, James, Cpl., 1729 South St., Philadelphia. Pa.

WILSON, Ernest, Cpl., 1034 Europe St., Baton Rouge, La.
WILSON, Michael R., Cpl., 1308 Pearl St., Sandusky, Ohio
WILSON, Report A., Cpl., 4066 Rookwood Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.
WILSON, William, Cpl., Fordoche, La.
WOODS, Joseph L., Cpl., Mars, Pa.
ASHELY, Wiley L., Pfc.

BARKER, Twiley W., Pfc., P.O. Box 99, Franklinton, La.
BLAIR, Robert E., Pfc., Rt. 1, Box 58, Angus, Tex.
BOLDEN, Eddie, Pfc., Rt. 1, Box 22, Fountain Inn, S.C.
BROWN, Harry H., Pfc., 63 Chauncey St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
COOK, John B.G., Pfc., Cape Charles, Va.
DAVIS, Clinton B., Pfc., 613 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

DAVIS, I., Pfc., 146-42 106th., Jamaica, N.Y.
DAVIS, Steve, Pfc., 1160 Eighth St., Oakland, Calif.
ELLIS, Albert W., Sr., Pfc., 2313 Soniat St., New Orleans, La.
ETLEN, James S., Pfc., 4111 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa.
FLETCHER, Phelix, Pfc., Brooksville, Fla.
GREEN, Charlie, Pfc., 1210 West St., Vicksburg, Miss.

HALL, Greeley W., Pfc., 520 E. 20th St., Little Rock, Ark.
HATTON, Melvin H., Pfc., 422 Canal St., S.E., Washington, D.C.
JOHNSON, Marvin A., Pfc., 3400 Lafayett Pl., Dallas, Tex.
JONES, Paul A., Pfc., 48 West 98th St., Apt.4-E, New York, N.Y.
KERR, Herman J., Pfc., 642 N. Seventh St., Oxford, Miss.
LAWSON, Leon B., Pfc., 2620 E. Glennwood Dr., Philadelphia, Pa.

LILLY, Warren D., Pfc., 630 Richmond St., Painesville, Ohio.
MAYO, Joseph R., Pfc., 3766 Milford Ave., Detroit, Mich.
McCLAIN, John W., Pfc., 1015 Trinity Ave, Bronx, N.Y.
McKEE, Mizell, Pfc., 125 E. Division St., Biloxi, Miss.
MOODY, Allen, Pfc., 1109 South Wallcot, Chicago, Ill.
MORTON, Moses W., Pfc., 13 Third St., Winchester, Ky.

OWENS, Frank J., Pfc., 1205 Walnut Ave., East St. Louis, III.
PULLIN, Rufus, Pfc., Hogansville, Ga.
ROSS, Robert L., Pfc., Rt. 4, York, S.C.
SAMPLE, Thomas L., Pfc., 153 Baldwin St., New Brunsick, N.J.
SMITH, Zephro, Pfc., 417 42nd Pl., Chicago, Ill.
WALLACE, Archie L., Pfc., 608 Cedar St., Beaufort, N.C.

WILSON, Marvin, Pfc., 1814 28th Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala.
ANDERSON, David W., Pvt., 1035 W. Jefferson St., Orlando, Fla.
BARKER, Francis, Pvt., 25 So. Terry St., Albany, N.Y.
BLAKLEY, John, Pvt.
CAMPBELL, Walter E., Pvt., Rt. 1, Mullins, S.C.
DOYAL, Clarence O., Pvt., Lincoln Ct., Apt. 20, Paducah, Ky.

HEYWARD, Nathaniel P., Pvt., 39 Elizabeth St., Charleston, S.C.
HILL, George V., Pvt., 438 Montea Ave., Woodbury, N.J.
JENKINS, Samuel J., Pvt., 64 East 129th St., New York, N.Y.
JOHNSON, Robert L., Pvt., Rt. 1, Box 146, Midland, Ga.
LOGAN, John O., Pvt., Rt. 1, Box 99, Uree, N.C.

MILLER, Walter, Pvt., 832 Hampgreen St., Greenville, Miss.
MORBHEAD, Jeremiah, Pvt., Reedsville, N.C.
PENDLETON, Isaac H., Pvt.
ROBERTS, Robert, Pvt., 5858 Indiana Ave., Chicago, Ill.
ROY, Floyd Q., Pvt., 27 Bedford St., E. Orange, N.J.
SMITH, James, Pvt., Edisto Island, S.C.
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