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[[images: 10 rows of individual photos of members of 602nd Air Engineering Squadron, totalling 59 photos]]

KENDRICKS, James W., Cpl., 1349 Chestnut St., Tampa, Fla.
KILGORE, Alphus A., Cpl., 1448 1/2 Shilby St., Louisville, Ky.
KING, James B., Cpl., 127 N. Cherry St., Forrest City, Ark.
KOGER, Herman E., Cpl., 4631 Indiana Ave., Chicago, Ill.
LEFTWICH, Nathaniel B., Cpl., Box 385, White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.
LEWIS, Booker, Cpl., 124 Dunbeith Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C.
MALONE, Edward, Cpl., 92 Walnut St., Buffalo, N. Y.
MANNING, Arthur F., Cpl., 55-W 129th St., New York, N. Y.
MORGAN, Leon M., Cpl., Box 100, Camden, S. C.
PARROTT, James, Cpl., 716 Gresham Pl., N.W., Washington, D. C.
PETERSON, Thomas H., Cpl., 258 Visger Rd., River Rouge, Mich.
PINKETT, William H., Cpl., 2650 Gilpin St., Denver, Colo.
QUINTON, Harry A., Cpl., 506 Ward St., Salisbury, Md.
SAMUELS, Harold O., Cpl.
SIMMONS, Henry L., Cpl., 3121 Giles Ave., Chicago, Ill.
STERRETT, Wendell J., Cpl., 533 East Marion St., Princeton, Ill.
STROUD, William E., Cpl., 2529 Olive St., Kansas City, Mo.
TANKSLEY, Frank E., Cpl., 1225 Florence St., Augusta, Ga.
TATE, Robert H., Jr., Cpl., 1127 North Dakota Ave., Soux Falls, S. D.
TAYLOR, Paul, Cpl., 9904 People St., Memphis, Tenn.
THOMAS, J. E., Cpl., 1803 Granger St., Houston, Tex.
WADE, Willie, Cpl., 634 W. 41st St., Savannah, Ga.
WALKER, Aaron L., Cpl., 4634 Hasting St., Detroit, Mich.
WALKER, JAMES, Cpl., Durham, N. C.
WARD, George H., Cpl., 789 East 166th St., Bronx, N. Y.
WATSON, Matthew R., Cpl., 102 North Michigan Ave., Atlantic City, N. J.
WELTON, George F., Cpl., 1710 Rodmen St., Philadelphia, Pa.
WHETSTONE, Levarn C., Cpl., 520 N. Holly St., Philadelphia, Pa.
WILLIAMS, Clarence, Cpl., 106 High St., S.W., Atlanta, Ga.
WILLIAMS, Martin C., Cpl., 2506 East 33rd St., Cleveland, Ohio.
WILSON, Charles E., Cpl., Rt. 7, Cleveland Rd., Lexington, Ky.
YOUNG, John T., Cpl., 1719 W. Franklin St., Baltimore, Md.
BETTS, Charles D., Pfc., 2492 Washington St., Boston, Mass.
BROWN, Christopher, Pfc., 458 Monterey Ave., Washington, D. C.
CHENIER, Charles C., Pfc., Oakland, Calif.
DOLEMAN, Foster, Pfc., R. R., Box 7, Berryville, Va.
DUFFY, Henry, Pfc., 10919 Compton Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
EDMONDSON, Robert, Pfc., 1139 E. Long St., Columbus, Ohio.
FIELDS, Ernest, Pfc., 3838 Brush St., Detroit, Mich.
FOSTER, Oliver T., Pfc., 1603 Chicon St., Austin, Tex.
FRAZIER, Albert L., Pfc., 1605 N. Howard St., Philadelphia, Pa.
HOLLEY, Earl H., Pfc., 6506 Winslow St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
HOWARD, Newton, Pfc., Rt. 5, Box 306, Rock Hill, S. C.
HUTCHINSON, Frank D., Pfc., 111 Ozone St., Atlanta, Ga.
KEYS, James H., Pfc., 296 10th St., No., St. Petersburg, Fla.
LEWIS, Matthew H., Pfc., 1431 Lead St., Norfolk, Va.
LONG, Gordon R., Pfc., 100 Honeysuckle Ct., Day Village, Dundalk, Mo.
MERRIWETHER, George H., Pfc., 4135-A Finney Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
PARHAM, Pat O., Pfc., Sunrise Ave., Bridgehampton, N. Y.
PHARR, Maurice, Pfc., 240 W. Black St., Rock Hill, S. C.
RILEY, Owen V., Pfc., 1619 N. Alcaning St., Pensacola, Fla.
SAILES, Oscar, Pfc., Birmingham, Ala.
WILKINSON, Hercules, Pfc., 833 Beckwith St., S.W., Atlanta, Ga.
BURNELL, James A., Pvt., 1419 10th St., N.W., Washington, D. C.
LEAKE, Dillard A., Pvt., 376 Bainbridge St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
MURRAY, Dickson C., Pvt., New Gulf, Tex.
REYNOLDS, H., Pvt., 3879 Seventh Ave., Sacramento, Calif.
HARRISON, F. J., Jr., 5348 Long Beach Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
McLEOD, Odell, Rt. 2, Box 5, Union Springs, Ala.
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