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Page 16 THE OHIO STATE NEWS Saturday, August 3, 1946

Notes From My . . .
'Little Black Book'
. . . By Dick Lynch

Referring my readers to the notes from my little black book in last week's column, it is with regret that I say this week, "I told you so."  The NEWS along with hundreds of other papers, has consistently hammered away at the race baited issues . . . We have pleaded with officials and all fair minded citizens to stop Bilbo, Talmadge, Gerald K. Smith, Rankin Eastland and many others from spreading their deadly "White Supremacy" propaganda . . . We have pointed out how their dirty underhanded programs were eating at the very roots of American democracy and could only end in tragedy and violence.

NOW IT HAS HAPPENED . . . four American citizens have been lynched . . . those who sat back and looked upon us as alarmists, were horrified at the news . . . It was a terrible thing, and this time, the United States has been disgraced as it has never been before . . . At this time, (thanks to the Ku Klux Klan) the eyes of the world were on us more than ever . . . they are still on us,  waiting to see just what the greatest nation in the world is going to do about this ghastly Georgia crime.

Nothing can be done to wipe out this terrible crime or erase the disgrace it has brought upon this country . . . those four American lives cannot be redeemed . . . Yet, they do not have to die in vain . . . Through their sacrifice, there may be a new birth of freedom . . . NOW IS THE TIME FOR THIS GOVERNMENT TO ACT IF IT EVER INTENDS TO "STRAIGHTEN OUT AND FLY RIGHT" and rid itself once and for all of Hitlerism, so-called white supremacy and all that they represent . . . Thirteen million Negroes, 100 per cent Americans, are only asking that they be looked upon and treated as such.

SUNDAY MORNING THE ABC AIRWAVES carried a most important message to all America and the world . . . many who heard Orson Wells' heartrending plea for tolerance, were actually moved to tears as his deep and sincere voice reviewed the now famous Woodard brutality cases.  It was one of the most powerful and widely heard speeches to be broadcast since the Roosevelt fireside chats.  We are not alone in this fight and we, as a minority group, know that all white citizens are not our enemies . . . There are many more courageous men such as Wells and Drew Pearson who realize that this fight is not for the good of the minority groups alone, but for all mankind . . . As Mr. Wells put it, "The world will never be a safe place to live in as long as such beastly men remain at large" . . . The Wells and Pearson speeches may well go down in American history as the most vital in the 1946 American way of life.

Eugene Talmudge, that would be Hitler, (or maybe he actually is) is still running loose and still unharnessed.  Arriving this week in Cheyenne, Wyo., he declared, "Nothing can be gained by giving equal rights to someone with an artificial civilization that has been forced upon him only 150 years ago."  Just what kind of a civilization is madman Talmudge trying to force on the world today? . . . He should be behind bars in a padded cell.  When reporters asked him for a statement on the recent lynchings in his native state, he merely remarked, "Things like that are to be regretted."  I guess he is right for once, but the thing to be regretted most, is the existence of men like him.

BRUTALITY IS NOT ONLY BEING fought in the south, but also in the northern states too . . . Although it is brutality on a lesser scale, it is still brutality and wholly un-American.  It is being fought vigorously in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and in many more states where the arms of the law have been getting out of line and for no good reason at all, beating and sometimes murdering their helpless victims. Of course, the problem is not quite as serious as fighting Georgia lynchers and southern would-be 'white supremacy,' but it is serious, and drastic steps should be taken to eliminate these vicious practices wherever they exist.

Watch the action and results in Cincinnati where the NAACP has declared war on police brutality.  They are on the right track in Cincy by exposing these (supposed to be) officers of the law, and their well laid plans are bound to bring results.  The Cincinnati Branch NAACP has just released a digest of recent cases, spelling out names and describing in detail the most flagrant cases.  Harold D. Snell, executive secretary has explained that the report is not a indictment of the police department, but designed to expose the guilty officers.

Officers of the law are supposed to be gentlemen of the law, protectors of all citizens and their property . . . the citizens pay for this.  It is the obligation of every municipality and state to select men qualified for such positions and not just bums with enough brains to pass a civil service examination. There are many fine officers serving the law, but the bad ones will have to go.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa – (NNPA) – The National Negro Business League will hold its forty-sixth annual session here August 21-23.  At this session it is planned to select a full time paid executive secretary to direct the affairs of the organization and carry to fruition plans already worked out for directing the efforts of [[?]] business men into manufacturing and processing fields, to offer services in good business practice, and to act as a clearing house for business opportunities and investments.

[[image - a photograph, "Look them in the eyes" transposed in bottom left corner, African American children, toddlers on left side in image sitting on a raised platform of some sort, and elementary school aged children sitting and standing on the right side of the image]]

● Tell them they are "second rate" Americans
● Tell them they aren't entitled to a real education
● Tell them they can't have decent homes
● Go ahead, tell them——if you can——but DON'T LET AN AMERICAN HEAR YOU
Based on "Look Them in the Eyes," a pamphlet of the Southern Conference of Human Welfare National Citizens Political Action Committee, 206 E. 42nd St. New York 12, N. Y.

[[image - photo of a suit, tie, and white dress affair with an older woman at center of the picture surrounded on either side by lines of others; all in picture are probably African American]]

CHARLES H. JONES, 1221 Atcheson St., Columbus, last Friday evening presented a surprise birthday party in honor of his wife, Mrs. Alena Jones, in the Elmhurst [[?party]] home.  Mr. and Mrs. Jones are pictured at center.  Among those in attendance were Miss Isabell White, Miss Kathryn Simpson, Mrs. Della Stewart, Eugene Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Johnson, [[?sr]], Herbert Gillespie, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown.

[[image - photo of African Americans in white suits & dresses, lined up around a lady in a black lacy dress at center]]

THE "GAY GENTEELS," formerly the Victory Athletic club, presented a formal anniversary dinner in the Poindexter auditorium, Columbus, last week. Mrs. Elaine [[?Horle]], "club mother,' was presented with a bouquet of red roses and George Yarborough, club president, served as toastmaster.  Club members and guests pictured above are Roger Boris, secretary, Florence Lopez, Hubert Harris, Donna Cordell, Henry Brown, [[?Maribe]] Yarborough, Robert Lewis, Martha Boyd, Howard Pace, Natalie Mead, Samuel Spencer, Doris Hale, George Yarborough, president, and Mildred Dalton.

[[image - photo of a class of African American children and teachers together standing in rows for a graduation picture, a sign is in the top left corner of the picture, and a Caucasian person is standing in the bottom right corner.]]

COMMENCEMENT exercises for the Summer Bible school at the Caldwell Temple AMEZ church, Long st. at Washington Ave., Columbus, were held last week with the Rev. A. L. Fuller, pastor of the church in charge. The large number of youngsters attending the school are pictured here with the teachers in the background. Caldwell Temple is one of the most progressive churches in the city of Columbus.


Veterans planning to attend school for the first time under the GI Bill this fall are urged by the Veterans Administration to apply for their certificates of eligibility immediately to avoid delays in the fall. Application should be made at the nearest VA office and discharge papers must be presented.

If it happened in Ohio
you can R E A D it in

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Saturday, August 3, 1946   THE OHIO STATE NEWS  ^[[1946]]   Page 17

[[image - five men sitting in chars, furthest left man is seated at least one space away from the others, next two men are discussing with one another; all are in suits]]
[[image - appears to be the general public, men, women, and children; audience seated in what appear to be pew-like benches, at least 20 people in the picture]]

REV. GRANVILLE W. REED, Jr., co-chairman of the Dayton Win the Peace Committee, is pictured above, left, a few moments before delivering an address at a "win the peace" rally at First Lutheran church, Dayton, Friday evening.  Other speakers shown with Rev. Reed are, from left, Assistant Ohio Atty, Gen. Benjamin M. Patterson, Dr. Russell Nixon, Washington representative of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers (CIO) unions, Rev. David R. Melby, assistant pastor of First Lutheran church, and State Sen. K. M. Kirkendall.  Four hundred persons were present at the rally, details of which appear in a story else where in this issue of The NEWS. Part of the audience is pictured in the bottom photo — NEWS Photo By Austin.

[[image - photo of men and women together grouped for a picture, some of the women are in white uniforms, a couple people in the center look to be in wheelchairs]]

MRS. AGATHA S. DAVIS, wife of Lockbourne Army Air Base commanding officer, Col. B. Q. Davis, Jr., entertained the wives of officers last week at the base.  Also in attendance at the informal get-together were Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott, New Haven, Conn., in-laws of the commander.  Highlighting the evening were a [[??]] volleyball games and horseshoe pitching. Among the guests were Maj. and Mrs. J. McLondon, Maj. and Mrs. V. Marchbanks, Maj. and Mrs. E. [[?Jonas]], Capt. and Mrs. L. Carter, Capt. and Mrs. P. Taylor, Capt. and Mrs. H. L. Jones and son, Phillip, Miss [[?Shirl]] Bradfield, niece of Capt. H. Jones, Capt. and Mrs. C. I. Williams, Lt. and Mrs. J Phillips, Lt. and Mrs. Seldan, Lt. and Mrs. O. E. [[?Harper]], Lt. and Mrs. A. G. Lang, Lt. and Mrs. Frank Lee and son, Vicky, Capt. and Mrs. E. H. Hankerson, Lt. and Mrs. A. E. Scott, Lt. and Mrs. O. Kydd, Lt. and Mrs. J. Sperlin, Lt. and Mrs. E. Johns, Mrs. E. [[?Simpson]], Mrs. Andrew Blair, Mrs. P. Anderson, Larry Melville, nephew of Mrs. B. O .Davis Jr., and others.

[[image - photo of 5 men and a woman; man in a white coat and woman in a white outfit are in the center; other men are in suits with a tie or bow ties; all are seated except the man on the far left of the photo.]]

[[?]], Republican national chairman, smiles at plans for enlisting first voters and veterans in the program of the Young Republican National Federation.  Shown from the left also are Ohio Federation members who attended a recent meeting in Washington, D. C. Everment Robinson, [[?Deipre]], federation vice-president, Phil Decker, Dayton, Helen Dean, Cincinnati, Ralph E. Becker, Port Chester, N. Y., federation president, and Edward Trapinski, Toledo, federation treasurer.

NEWS Editorials are TOPS. READ Them


BROOKLYN – (NNPA) – The Baltimore Elite Giants, of the Negro National League, evened matters with the Bushwicks for a previous setback.  Last Wednesday night at Dexter park before [[?4,190]] fans, the Elites took over the Buckeyes by a score of [[?4]] to 0.  They are the second team to shut out the Bushwicks this season.

On The . . .
Firing Line
. . . By J. S. Himes, Jr.

SIDNEY HILLMAN IS DEAD. Thus ends the blackest three week of current American history.

In rapid succession the awful events came mounting disaster on top of catastrophe. With a firm veto, President Truman killed the weak and vicious OPA extension bill.  Thus July 1 saw the beginning of unrestrained inflation.

The voters of Mississippi returned catfish Theodore G. Bilbo to the United States Senate.  Thus, that angry apostle of vicious solutions commences another six-year reign of filth in the nation's highest deliberative body.

AND THEN TO CAP the climax of a tragic mid-summer, Sidney Hillman died.  Thus was punctuated the slow awakening of organized labors' political awareness.

I dare say that in death as in life, men will disagree sharply even violently over Sidney Hillman and his Political Action Committee.  Perhaps no man in our times, not even including Franklin D. Roosevelt, was as wholeheartedly hated and reviled as Sidney Hillman.  By the same token, perhaps no man in our generation was as symbolic of the changing American scene as Sidney Hillman.

MORE CLEARLY THAN IS OFTEN recognized, Sidney Hillman's life is the symbolic saga Twentieth Century America.  Born of peasant stock in a Lithuanian village, Hillman migrated to the United States in 1905. Like many Jewish immigrants of his time, he entered the growing clothing industry at a period when sweat shop practices in that industry were the number one disgrace of the nation.

He joined the incipient trade union movement early, and rose rapidly to leadership of the powerful Amalgamated Clothing Workers, CIO.  He gained a national reputation by negotiating for the clothing workers a liberal contract with a Chicago firm at a time when the entire nation stood impotent and shocked at the sweat shop exposes in that industry.

LATER, HILLMAN TEAMED with John I. Lewis to form the Committee for Industrial Organization, now known as the Congress of Industrial Organizations, or the CIO.

Hillman climaxed a brilliant career in organized labor by [[?organizing]] within the CIO the Political Action Committee.  Later, he went on to achieve a dominant role in the World Trade Union Federation, organized under the [[?auspices]] of the United Nations Organization.

Sidney Hillman's Horatio Alger success story is as thoroughly American as baseball, chewing gum and hot dogs. Here again is repetitious proof of the American lore of rail splitter to president, log cabin to White House. Ellis Island to palaces of power.

Sidney Hillman's historic significance and lasting success lie rather in his identification with the current social revolution.  His role of productive leadership and original contribution was enacted in the broad theater of human affairs in the intense conflict between concentrating power and expanding freedoms. Sidney Hillman's success lay in his grasp of the full implications of this intense and basic struggle for the daily proccesses of social life in America.

I SUPPOSE HILLMAN'S MAJOR contributions to the American way of life are embodied in two simple ideas.  First. he recognized that in a direct practical way the social economic conditions of life in a democracy are subject to political controls.

Now, this seems perfectly obvious after the brutal object lessons of the Hitlers. the Mussolini's and the Japanese war lords. But for a long time America indulged in the euphemistic nonsense of the so-called economic determination of history. Under the spell of [[?vitialed]] Marxism materialism, we used to imagine practical politics as somehow irrevocably subject to direct financial manipulation.

BUT HILLMAN RECOGNIZED, in a political way, as did Hitler and Mussolini that the total economy of a nation can be made, nay is in fact directly subject to political controls and manipulation.  It was simpler, he saw, therefore, for the disinherited masses to alleviate their misery and improve their economic position through political manipulations than by attempting mass ascents up the unrestrained capitalistic economic ladder.

But in a word, this is the ideological implication of the "New Deal."  That is why Hillman was a loyal and devoted admirer of Franklin Roosevelt.

From this simple and now obvious truth it was but one short, practical step to the Political Action Committee. The people through mass organizations, should get directly and consciously into politics, supporting candidates and issues in their interest, opposing those which are contrary to their welfare.

The impacts of the Hillman initiated and led movement upon the conflicting American scene are at the moment [[?invaluable]].  It brings the struggle for political control into being equal to the perpetual struggle for wages, hours, and working conditions.  As a major objective of the organized and [[?improving]] working [[?]] of the nation.  It [[?submits]] frankly the class [[?structures]] of American society, and sets the struggle for power within the framework of the democratic machinery in a realistic and practical sense.

HILLMAN, MORE THAN ANY OTHER American, has lifted the American class struggle out of the unrealistic traditional political party mould into which it had congealed after the Civil War and placed it in perspective and simpler relationship with the actual daily realities of American social and economic life.

It is no journalistic extravagance to assert that for this very reason, Sidney Hillman may appear in historic perspective to be one of the great Americans of the Twentieth Century.  I dare say, it is for this very practical realism that he is so readily hated and feared by the power [[?gifted]] financial and industrial tycoons.

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