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Original scanned September 27, 2002. Reduced print — for full-sized print, see Davis Box 163, Folder 4
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Page 18 THE OHIO STATE NEWS Saturday, August 3, 1946

[[image - drawing of a man and a woman looking towards the rising sun coming over the horizon overlooking a field; transposed words: SUCCESS LOVE [[SUN IN CENTER TOP]] MONEY MARRIAGE HEALTH HAPPINESS 
[[banner:]] PROBLEMS of HUMANITY; [[smaller banner:]] by the ABBE WALLACE Service [[end of image]]


Note: Don't worry needlessly . . . when your mind is weighed down with worry and you feel need of gravision, [[?]]and the current [[?]] of an understanding friend gives mille. [[?]] Each problem will be answered [[?]] in the passes [[?]] from . . . just include a snipping [[?]] of the problem [[?]] with your letter. For a "private reply" send 28ct [[?]] 5¢. ANNE'S 3rd [[?]] INSPIRATIONAL READING. With each reading, you will receive from a personal letter [[?]] of named [[?]] and restrictions [[?]] advice suntannning [[?]] three {8} autograph. [[?]] Please send a stamped 9fc) [[?]] envelope for your confidential reply, and sign your [[?]] full name, address, and birthdate in all letters. Explain [[?]] your [[?]] pers [[?]] fulls [[?]] and ascertain [[?]] your problems within the realm of reason. Write to . . .

Care of The Ohio State News, 1112 Mt. Vernon ave., Columbus, O.

J.W.B.—Is it right to give the girl you love money when she asks for it? I am 17 years old and the girl is very nice and attractive.

Ans.—Look, son, the farther away you can stay from such girls the better. Besides, you aren't the only fellow charmed by this young lady fair. [[?]] You remember those other boys who were there the night of the 18th . . . they pay off too. No Johnnie, you don;t want any part of her kind of woman. There are too many nice girls among your school and church friends for you to waste time with her type.
[[short line]]
C.M.H.—I am 25 years old. I have 2 kids and I am going with a married man. He says he wants to divorce his wife and marry me but he can't find no excuse. What shall I do?

Ans.— Here's what you do. Invite him over to the house soon. Have him sit down at the table and make himself comfortable. then get you a good, big frying pan, walk up behind him and bounce it off his head. Seriously . . . can't you see he is playing you for a good deal. Certainly he can't find an excuse for a divorce, let him just mention it and his wife will beat the socks off him. The place for you is back with your husband mothering your two small children.
F.G.—In '43 my husband went into the service and spent three years overseas. When he arrived back home to my surprise he started running with other women. I want him to treat me like a wife and do his family duty be me.

Ans.—Sure you do, but the poor guy finds it hard to settle down after the free and easy life he led overseas. He will though, if you handle him right. Bear down on him and let him know that he had is fling and it's time to settle down. He'll come to his senses if you will take a few days vacation from him.
[[short line]]
M.E.H.—I am trying to decide what to do about my future. I continue to be indecisive and time is fleeting. I am wondering shouldn't I give up my further plans for formal education (reluctantly) and get a good job, marry and "settle down." I want fame, education and financial and domestic security.

Ans.—Well, sir, you have certainly set your sights high. Nonetheless you should complete your education. You are a talented poet and writer. That much is certain, for you have your published poems and articles as proof. However, you have a dependent mother and grandmother to consider. Why not go into journalism? It offers you a chance to complete your education and at [[column end]] [[column start]] the same time do you the kind of work you have your heart set on.
[[short line]]
A.L.—I have a friend who says he fell in love with me at first sight the very first day he saw me. He says he wants to marry me. Does he?

Ans.—For a boy that is that much in love with a woman he certainly acts very distant and secretive. You have heard no word from him now in a long, long time. Doesn't that prove that perhaps he was feeding you a line of "sweet talk." He got what he wanted, now he is through.
[[short line]]
C.W.—I have been married for almost nine years. We have two children. We have been separated about six times. We went back together in January but I am positive that she does not love me from the treatment I get and from her actions. Answer in the paper real quick.

Ans.—For one thing you have the wrong attitude. You continue to think that you are picked on and pecked at by your wife. You're no saint yourself and you know it. You fuss and fume and nag at your mate until she just has to get out of the house and away from you. My advice then is to examine your conscience and see what you can do on your own to make your wife's life in your home happy and troublefree. Do your part and she will make you a loving wife and mother.
[[short line]]
Worried.—We want to buy us a home where we are living. Will we be able to get it or will someone else? We thought maybe it may go for taxes.

Ans.—Why not go down to the Court House and see the Tax collector. You might find out through him if it will be possible for you to obtain the property in this manner. If it can't be done and you still want the property . . . then it would be wise to handle the matter through a reputable lawyer.
[[short line]]
M.B.—I met a man from Chicago four months ago and he asked me to marry him. In the [[column end]] [[column start]] meantime his brothers girl friend put a lot of nonsense in his mind about me. The girl's mother helped poison his mind. This mother is supposed to be a saved woman and I don't understand it. What should I do?

Ans.—All you can do is to live the same decent, Christian life you have always lived and continue to make new friends among members of the opposite sex. If the fellow in question was as easily influenced as all that . . . you're lucky you found him out in time. You owe it to him and to yourself to meet with him privately and come to a definite understanding about your future.
[[end of fourth column]]

The Ohio State News
Printing and Publishing Department
Now Equipped to Produce


Rid Yourself of Errors, Poor Impression and Bad Type Selections By Calling Today . . .

(Printing Department)

FAirfax 6934 1112 Mt. Vernon Ave. COLUMBUS 3, OHIO

The Road to Health
This article is co-sponsored by the National Medical Association and the National Tuberculosis Association in the interest of better health of the people.

[[column start]]
General Secretary, Nutritional Medical Association, Norfolk, Va.

The sneezing of a moan on a bus started a conversation on the subject of colds which I could not help but overhear. By the time the bus had traveled ten blocks, at least 28 "sure fire" remedies for curing colds had been suggested.

The "remedies" ranged from wrapping up in blankets, the going to bed to "sweat it out," to going out in the cold air for a long walk, from rubbing the chest with ointment to swallowing medicated vaseline, from dosing up on pills to taking castor oil.

ALL THE TIME the curing of colds was being discussed, the woman continued to sneeze. It never occurred to her to cover her mouth with a handkerchief when she sneezed, so, in spite of their pet remedies, I fear that some of her companions had colds before another day was ended. For people catch colds from people who have them, and people who have colds spread them when they sneeze without covering their mouths.

There is only one sure way of avoiding a cold. That is to keep away from people with colds, because colds are caused by a germ which people catch from other people who have colds. The sneezing woman on the bus was undoubtedly spreading her infection.

Of course, in this busy world it is impossible to avoid being around people with colds at all times. It has been estimated that people in the United States have more than 200,000,000 common colds a year. About 50,000,000 of these occur in the month of February alone.

WITH SO MANY cases of [[column end]] [[column start]] colds around us, it is almost certain that from time to time we shall come in to contact with someone who has one. Since this is true, then we should consider how to avoid catching the other person's cold.

Unfortunately, there is no certain way of preventing colds. The best precaution against a cold is a healthy body—a body kept healthy by eating nourishing food, getting sufficient rest and proper exercise — because people in good physical condition are most likely to resit colds when they come in contact with the cold germ.

If we do catch cold however, we'd better face the fact that we are in for several days of discomfort and take sensible care of ourselves lest, weakened by the cold, we get a more serious illness. Taking sensible care does not mean stuffing up on pills that claim wonderful powers in curing colds.

TAKING SENSIBLE care of a cold does mean: 1.Getting plenty of rest. If the cold is accompanied by fever, stay in bed at least 25 [[sp?]] hours after the temperature is normal. Even if there is no fever, it is still a good idea to rest in bed with a cold whenever possible. Since the cold has a weakening effect, the body requires extra rest.

2. Drinking plenty of liquids. Water and fruit juices should be taken at frequent intervals. Orange juice and lemonade are pleasant and aid the body in throwing off the poisons caused by the cold. A hot lemonade before going to bed is good for a cold.

3. Eating only light foods which are easy to digest, such as clear soups.

4. Taking a mild laxative.

5. Avoid chilling and getting the feet wet. While wet feet and drafts do not cause colds, when we have one, the cold may become worse if we got our feet wet or become chilled.

ANOTHER THING which should always be remembered is that colds are catching. If we have a cold we should think of other people and cover our mouth when we cough or sneeze and stay away from people as much as possible.

Colds themselves are not serious enough to cause death but they are most unpleasant and they can so weaken the body that we fall prey to other illnesses which may be serious. If we have a fever with a cold or if a cold hangs on for a long time, we should by all means consult a doctor.
No Officers Accepted For
Peacetime Duty In Marines
By James L. Hicks
NNPA Staff Writer

WASHINGTON, D.C.—(NNPA)—No colored officers will be accepted in the peacetime ranks of the Marine Corps, the United States Marine Corps headquarters said here last Monday.

Reiterating its previously announced intentions of limiting the colored strength of the regular Marines to 2,300. Captain P. N. Pierce, headquarters information officer, said that present plans of the Marines do not include any colored men among the 7,00 officers and 1,200 warrant officers which will form the officer staff of the peacetime "regulars."

LIEUTENANT J. B. DAVIS of Fuquay  Springs, N. C., who recently graduated from the Navy's V-12 program at Purdue U. Ind., to become the fourth colored man to be commissioned in the Marine Corps, has already been placed on inactive duty, Captain Pierce said. This leaves the corps still without a colored officer on active duty.

Revealing that all reserve officers and men will have been weeded out of the corps by October 1, Captain Pierce said that on July 17 there were 4,213 colored enlisted men in the corps. Of that number 820 were regulars leaving a total of 2,180 regular enlistments open for colored men in the regulars.

ASKED IF THE MARINES were still accepting colored men for regular enlistments, Captain Pierce said a few were still being taken but the corps is making an effort to get the 2,180 regulars from the experienced reserves which it already has i its ranks.

The regular corps, Captain Pierce said, will have a strength of 199,005 enlisted men. At present the strength of the corps is 132,515 enlisted men with 9,212 officers. Of these totals, 92 of the officers are women and 1,632 of the enlisted total are enlisted women.

On VJ Day when the corps was at its peak of 685,000 men it had a strength of 16,885 colored men, the department said.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—(NNPA)—Of the 3,218,712 [[sp?]] persons seeking employment through the United States Employment Service, in June, 547,000 or 17 per cent were colored the USES disclosed last week.
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Saturday, August 3, 1946 THE OHIO STATE NEWS Page 19
[[image - female headshot with a large hat]] WOMEN [[banner across page]] [[image - female headshot]]

[[image - photo of an African American female modelling a dark colored long skirt and blouse]] [[image - photo of a female modelling clothes, like a smock and skirt combo with white headband]] [[image - photo of a female modelling a luxurious dress]]
Attire For Afternoon Occasions
THESE ATTRACTIVE Neil Scott models display three very good ways that style capricious ladies may appear particularly noticing during formal and informal afternoon occasion. left, model wears a casual one-piece two-occasion dress, with the plaid ruffled apron, and she becomes party-wise. For business or shopping tour, model leaves apron at home. Center model is very sophisticated in along puffed sleeved, jewel neckline white blouse with a black and white patch skirt of soft material. a head piece of artificial flowers completes her costume. To receive guests at home, the same blouse is worn at right, accompanied by a striped dirndt skirt with a diagonally gathered peplum. [[?]] [[/caption]]

Beauty Entries Coming In Fast
For Contest Sunday, August 18

COLUMBUS— Entries are coming in fast for The Ohio State NEWS eleventh annual bathing beauty royne [[?]], to be held Sunday afternoon, August 18, at Hake's [[?]] Acre arena, and the question dominating the conversation where lost belles gather is who will be crowned "Mrs. Bronzeville, [[?]] 1948"? More than thirty shapely beauties will vie for popularity honors in the contest with many valuable prizes being given.

FIRST PLACE prize will be a fine [[?]] trip to New York City with all expenses paid. Other prizes include make up kits, tailored fall suits, gold lockets and chain, sterling silver identification bracelet, nylon hose, combination plastic shoes and bag, air plane luggage, kid gloves [[?]] and many more.

A meeting of all contestants will be held on Friday evening, August 2, 7:30 p. m., in the office of The Ohio State NEWS. Entrants will receive points on correct postures, walking, make-up and hairstyling from Columbus models who will aid and assist the contestants on how to make the most of an attractive figure. All the young ladies desiring to taste the contest air are requested to fill in the coupon [[sp?]] and mail it in to The NEWS office immediately. Those accepted for the contest, who do not have a sponsor, be assigned one by The NEWS office.

[[box]] BEST
Merchandise Mart
1012-15 Mt. Vernon Ave.
MA. 7280
Paint, Linoleum, Wallpaper, Houseware Appliances
[[image - brand image, maybe an eye]]
Featuring Tiger Brand Paint
  None Finer Anywhere

* [[?]] If you want to catch approving eyes, look your hairdresser with hair that's soft and shining. Begin using Sergeant's Sarcoptic Mange Medicine twice a week , followed by washing and see how it freshens and cleans your scalp, removes loose dandruff. You'll like its pleasant odor, too. At drug stores everywhere.


[[ad box]]
FAIR WITH GLARE [[image - Sweaty Man using hat to shield from an angry sun]]
SOON! Summer clothes need ROBS Quick, 2-Day (sooner, if needed)cleaning and pressing service, try it.
[[image - Ross Quick Cleaners logo and address etc.]] Men's Suits Cleaned 75¢ Plain Dresses 75¢
[[/ad box]]

  It generally takes disaster to bring action against negligence. This is particularly true in the sense [[?]] of fire prevention. Even in big cities where it is doubly important to observe fire regulations, fire safety provisions are violated constantly. When a destructive [[?]] fire hit one of the big cities in the nation, there is a feverish attempt to reduce potential fire hazards.
[[short line]]
The term "dog days" is that vicious sounding description commonly used by most people to describe the conditions of creeks and rivers when they seem to take on a blanket of scum and filth in the sultry [[?]] summer but actually the name has nothing whatever to do with water or even dogs for that matter.

Cooking Hints
[[image - carving up meat on a cutting board]]
1. Place tongue with recinded [[sp?]] side away from carver's right . Remove slices starting at tip end of tongue.

2. Slant knife–cutting from tip to thick end to form uniform slice from entire tongue. Be sure to skim the fat off of the tongue water when it is cool and melt down the tongue roots for salvage.
[[image - slicing thick meat portion on a cutting board]]

1. In carving a long boneless roll, place roll on a side and carve slices cutting down toward platter.

2. Remove strings as they are reached in the carving process. Don't hesitate to melt down bones and fat scraps, just because it's tastes [[sp?]] bitter. Salvage and turn it in.

[[top of page to the right of modelling images]]
Registration Of Hostesses Begins

Application will be accepted at the Blue Triangle Branch YMCA from all those interested in becoming junior or senior USO hostesses. Registration will begin Thursday, August 1, at the main desk of the Blue Triangle Branch YMCA. In order to complete USO training a certain number of hours of service must be given at the Saturday night dances. Hours previously given will be accredited to necessary requirements. Mrs. W. A. Reeves has charge of activities and Miss Flouney is staff director.

STYLES APPROACHING as near as possible to nudity seems to be prevailing at the beaches this season, especially for younger girls. The trend arose [[?]] when the government started its cloth conservation.

NEWS editorials are TOPS. READ Them Every WEEK.

Miss Dorothy Newby Corinaldi is one of the most beautiful Neil Scott models. A typical New Yorker, she is a graduate of New York university, has studied designing and commercial photography and has been employed as a personnel analyst, secretary, photographer and beauty culturist.

News of your favorite church will be found on page 33. [[?]]

[[image - black and white cartoonish image of two doctors examining a patient on a gurney]]
Avoid removal of tonsils or adenoids prior to an during polio epidemic season.

[[ad box]]
[[image - African American bride in a veil with flowers backed by a Caucasian groom]] 
Wedding Bouquets 
Church and Home 
Anytime, Any Place

Bryce Florist
86 N. 17th St. – EV. 6437
(A Few Doors South of Long)
12 Years of Benefactory
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BEFORE...You're sad about dark, dred [[?]] skin? Then quick –get the wonderful help of Snow White Bleaching Cream!

AFTER...What an amazing difference! Your skin looks lighter, fairer, fresher. You'll say it's beauty magic!

New Treatment Gives Thrilling Results!

This new beauty cream is an amazing discovery! Until you 
try it, you may simply be cheating yourself of the fair,
lovely skin men admire.
  So start now–this very night. Do these 2 simple things
that may give your complexion the real, true beauty help
you long for.

1. Every night at bedtime, wets [[?]] your face thoroughly. If you have sensitive skin, first apply 
Snow White Vanishing Cream–then use, [[?]]amazing Snow White Bleaching Cream. Use only as directed. Snow White will act while you sleep.    2. Each morning, cream [[?]] your face. In just 3 days on, if [[?]] your skin doesn't look far lighter, fresher, more alluring. Snow White Bleaching Cream is a new secret formula that may bring you unblemished, [[?]] new lovelin [[?]] skin. [[?]] So insist on the genuine. Only 25¢, plus tax.

[[image - a Sandra Powell celebrity endorsement signature]]
[[image - head shot picture of Sandra Powell]]

Sandra Powell, Celebrated Beauty Contestant, says [[?]] "I use Snow White Bleaching Cream myself and sincerely [[?]] recommend it to my friends."

Use Snow White BLEACHING CREAM 35¢ plus tax [[image - presumably a container of Snow White Bleaching Cream]]

FREE: Sandra Powell's beauty booklet –at your request [[?]] in-writing [[?]] to [[?]] office [[?]] Snow White Products Co., Lynchburg, [[?]] Va. [[?]]
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