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We can fix them for you in a jiffy. And we have a full line of frames and parts. Bring in your broken glasses – eithes [sic] lens or frame. We test your eyes free and guarantee a perfect fitting. The latest methods by a registred optometrician.

Brunner & Williams
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Sunset Addition office in Grau Building.  18-tf

BRINGING UP FA[[word cut off]]
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If you knew what a hard time we hotel men have, you wouldn't complain so much -
[[words cut off]]

Apply over throat and chest – cover with hot flannel cloth
Over 17 Million Jars Used Yearly


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"Dodson's Liver Tone" Straightens You Up Better Than Salivating, Dangerous Calomel and Doesn't Upset You – Don't Lose a Day's Work – Read Guarantee
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I discovered a vegetable compound that does the work of dangerous, sickening calomel and I want every reader of this paper to buy a bottle for a few cents and if it doesn't straighten you up better and quicker than salivating calomel just go back to the store and get your money back.

I guarantee that one spoonful of Dodson's Liver Tone will put your sluggish liver to work and clean your thirty feet of bowels of the sour bile and constipation poison which is clogging your system and making you feel miserable.

I guarantee that one spoonful of this harmless liquid liver medicine will [[line(s) cut off]] 
[[/column 1]]

[[column 2]]
tongue, ague, malaria, sour stomach or any other distress caused by [[word cut off]] torpid liver as quickly as a dose of vile, nauseating calomel, besides it will not make you sick or keep you from a day's work.

Calomel is poison – it's mercury – attacks the bones often causing rheumatism. Calomel is dangerous.  [[word cut off]] sickens – while my Dodson's Liver Tonic is safe, pleasant and harmless. E[[rest of word cut off]] anything afterwards, because it [[word cut off]] not salivate. Give it to the children because if doesn't upset the [[words cut off]] or shock the liver.  Take [[words cut off]] tonight and wake up [[words cut off]] ready for a full d[[words cut off]].
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