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Col NOWOTNY, Berthold E.   |Col STARK, Charles W.
Col NUCKOLS, William P.   |Col STETSON, Loring F., Jr.
Col OCAMB, Lawrence B.   |Col STINTZI, Vernon L.
Col PARKER, James Y.   |Col TARR, James L.
Col PEELER, Calvin E.   |Col TAYLOR, Robert (NMI) III
Col POLIFKA, Karl L.   |Col TERRELL, Frederick R.
Col PUGH, Robert J.   |Col TYER, Aaron W.
Col RAYBOLD, Leslie (NMI).  |Col WACKWITZ, Ernest F., Jr.
Col ROGERS, Turner C.   |Col WALKER, Audrin R.
Col ROGERS, William L.  |Col WARREN, Robert H.
Col RUSSELL, Barton M.  |Col WASSELL, Robert H. 
Col RUSSELL, Edwin A., Jr. |Col WHITE, John W.
Col SALISBURY, Arthur G.  |Col WILLIAMS, Douglas E.
Col SHUCK, Jack E.  |Col WORKMAN, William G.
Col SULMAN, Curtis D.   |Col WARY, Stanley T.
Col SMITH, Richard H.   |Lt Col WEBSTER, Howard E.
Col SMITH, Wilfred J.   |Lt Col WOOD, John J.
Col SNIDER, Robert L.|

Lt Col BALDWIN, Orval J. |Lt Col MENARD, Noel A.
Lt Col BILLINGSLEY, Roberts H. |Lt Col NORTHAM, William F.
Lt Col DAHLEN, Chester A. |Lt Col PETROLINO, Joseph A.
Lt Col JOHNSON, Briard P.   |Lt Col RYAN, William F.
Lt Col KRUEGER, Walter (NMI) Jr.  |Lt Col SCHUKRAFT, Robert E.
Lt Col LICHIRIE, Cornelius A.  |Lt Col SHERRARD, Robert G., Jr.
Lt Col MAY, Metticus W., Jr. |Lt Col STEELE, Preston (NMI)
Lt Col McCONNELL, Camden W. |Lt Col VAN DINE, William H.
Lt Col McMANUS, Howard F. |Lt Col ZINSER, Roy F.

Col CONDON, John P.   |Lt Col QUILTER, Charles J.
Lt Col CAPEHART, William C.  |Lt Col WEST, Radford C.
Lt Col KINNEY, John F.|

Capt CAMPBELL, Norman A.  |Cmdr GUEST, William S.
Capt COLESTOCK, Edward E.  |Cmdr KANE, William R. 
Capt STEVENS, James E.    |Cmdr NUESSLE, Francis E.
Cmdr BYNG, John W.        |Cmdr THOMPSON, Marshall F. 

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