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[[underlined]] WASHINGTON, BALTIMORE [[/underlined]]

^[[W]] [[strikethrough]] Mr. & Mrs. JACOB BLAUSTEIN
"Alto Dale"
Pikesville, Maryland [[/strikethrough]] ^[[T
[[arrow pointing toward ^[[346]] ]]

Wrote on January 4th saying were sorry could not take advantage of her invitation to visit them and see collection last October.  Would like to call on them now.
^[[Letter - Mar. 19'46 - to visit collection]]

^[[Geoyin 3069]]
7620 - 13th Street N. W.
Washington, D. C.
office: Thos. Somerville Co.
1st & North Sts. N. W. [[/strikethrough]]

^[[pay invoisse]]
[[underlined]] Wrote January [[/underlined]] 4th saying had heard of his interest in art, would like to call on him and see his collection.  His name was on list of high salaries for 1943.(?)

^[[underlined]] W [[/underlined]] how to pcr Peru hospital five?  1613 Hobart1 N.W. Columbus 0266 [[strikethrough]] 009 [[/strikethrough]] ]]
Brazilian Embassy
Washington, D. C.

^[[Michigan [[strikethrough]]1164[[/strikethrough]] 2325]]
[[underlined]] Wrote January [[/underlined]] 8th saying had been introduced to her at one of her recent N. Y. exhibitions.  Would like to call on her and see her paintings.  She is one of the sculptresses who exhibited at Valentin.  Is said to have bought a negro head by Picasso and other paintings.  Germain met her at exhibition at Buchholz. ^[[S appell w/erie Letter - Mar, 19'46 - to visit collection]]

1537 - 28th St.
Washington, D. C.

Wrote January 8th saying had heard of his beautiful paintings and very much admired the Renoir self portrait exhibited in New York.  Would like to call on him and see collection.  His Renoir was exhibited at Wildenstein.  He buys through Edmiston.  ^[[G. le [[?]] ]]

6706 - 31st Street
Washington, D. C.

Wrote January 8th saying had heard of his interest in paintings and sculpture of the 19th century and earlier periods.  Would like to call on him and see collection.  He is Curator of Zoology and Ornithology, U. S. National Museum, Smithsonian Institute.  ^[[National 1810]]

Curator of Rare Books
Congressional Library
Washington, D. C.
residence: Wye Plantation
Queenstown, Md.

Interested in drawings; frightfully wealthy.  His father gave a whole library to Cambridge.

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