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January 20, 1926

Mr. Edward H. Bennett,
80 East Jackson Blvd., 
Chicago, I11.

My dear Mr. Bennett,

You will find herewith a photograph of a statue by Godecharle, and two very fine stone vases.

The Godecharle, as you see, represents "David", and is a replica of the famous work by Bernini which is in Rome. Godecharle is considered to be one of the greatest 18th Century sculptors. The Brussels Museum has one room which is full of his works. 

The two vases are very fine quality and come from the Castle of Sainte-Croix near Bruges.

I thought that they would either interest some of your friends or that perahps you could use them yourself in your garden, as considering the fact that we are shortly moving, we would be willing to part with them for a very low price.

Hoping these lines do find you in good health, and with best regards,

Pray believe me,

Yours very sincerely,


Transcription Notes:
I believe the words 'perhaps' is spelled incorrectly as 'perahps.'