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14  The Mount Sinai Hospital Bulletin

The Exhibit at the Academy

Concurrent with the Fortnight and for a week thereafter, a scientific exhibit of approximately 3,000 units will be on view at the Academy building. Demonstrations will be held at regular intervals in connection with some of these. Mount Sinai doctors participating offer the following exhibits:

Drs. Paul W. Aschner and B. A. Kornblith: "Clinical Applications of Bladder Tumor Pathology"
Drs. George Baehr and Joseph C. Ehrlich: "The Clinical and Pathological Varieties of Lymphosarcoma"
Drs. Edwin Beer and Louis Lichtenstein: "Tumors of the Urogenital Tract"
Dr. Joseph G. Druss: "Tumors of the Ear"
Drs. Leo Edelman and M. Swick: "X-ray Films Demonstrating Tumors of the Bladder and Kidneys"
Dr. Robert T. Frank: "Tumors of the Female Genital Tract"
Dr. Samuel H. Geist: "Tumors of the Ovary"
Dr. Joseph H. Globus: "Tumors of the Brain"
Dr. M. A. Goldberger: "Kraurosis and Carcinoma of the Vulva"
Drs. Isadore Goldstein and David Wexler: "Tumors of the Optic Nerve Without Physical Signs"
Drs. Leopold Jaches and Marcy L. Sussman: "The Roentgen Ray as an Aid in the Diagnosis of Brain Tumors" "The Roentgen Diagnosis of Bone Tumors"
Dr. M.C. Myerson: "Tumors of the Larynx"
Dr. Samuel M. Peck: "Physiology and Embryology of Melaninformation and Pigmented Tumors"
Dr. Coleman B. Rabin: "Neoplasms of the Lungs, Pleura and Mediastinum"

Evening Lectures at the Academy

During the Fortnight the following members of the Hospital Staff will address the evening sessions at the Academy of Medicine:
Dr. Edwin Beer: "Diagnosis and Management of Bladder Tumors."  Wednesday evening, October 19th
Dr. Charles A. Elsberg: "Tumors of the Brain." Monday evening, October 17th
Dr. Joseph H. Globus: "Tumors Affecting the Optic Chiasm and Optic Tract."  Monday evening, October 17th

Recent Accessions to Jacobi Library

Dean Lewis: "Practice of Surgery."*  Volume XII.  W.F. Prior Co. Hagerstown, Md. 1929-1932.
"The Mount Sinai Hospital Dietary Manual," compiled by Misses Adeline Wood, Josephine Choate and Ella Coleman. Reviewed by Drs. George Baehr and Bela Schick. First edition, 1932. 91 pp.
"Publications of the Department of Surgery, University of Pennsylvania."  September, 1930, to September, 1931.
From Miss Elizabeth Greener: "Annual Conference, American Hospital Association," 1914 through 1921
"Transactions of the American Hospital Association," 1922 through 1928

* This completes the Lewis System.

The Ladies' Auxiliary

The first meeting of the Auxiliary will be held on Monday, October 17th. Meetings will be held throughout the winter on Mondays from 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. and will be devoted to the making of surgical dressings. All those who wish to attend the meetings are cordially invited.

New Manual on Dietetics

"The Mount Sinai Dietary Manual" has recently been compiled by Adeline Wood, the supervising dietitian to the Hospital, assisted by Ella Coleman and Josephine Choate of the Dietetic Department. The material has been painstakingly reviewed by Dr. George Baehr who has added the Indications and Adjuvants. Dr. Bela Schick has carefully reviewed the summary of the Von Pirquet System for the Feeding of Children. Three distinct motives prompted the compilation of this material: (1) to give a practical reference to the House Staff whose dietetic instruction in medical schools is otherwise largely theoretical; (2) to supplement the dietetics given to the nurses in the small dosage of sixty hours; (3) to coordinate and stimulate a better understanding between the medical, nursing and dietetic staffs.

The "Manual" has been distributed to the floors of the Private and Semi-private Pavilions, the wards of the main Hospital, the Medical and Children's Clinics, to all members of the House Staff and to the House Staff Library. It will be used as a text book for the nurses in their course in Dieto-therapy.

Several requests have been made for the "Manual" by Attendings of the Hospital. Copies will soon be ready for distribution upon application to Miss Wood. A nominal sum will be charged to cover bare cost of preparation.

The School of Nursing

On September 7th a class of ninety-two probationers was admitted to the School, less by ten nurses than the number accepted in September of 1931. There has been a reduction of from twenty to twenty-five students during the past year from the number in the School one year previous to that time. The policy of the Board of Directors of the School is to hold down its size by gradually reducing its numbers, a policy recommended by the State because of the prevailing surplus of graduate nurses and their problem of unemployment at this time.

* * *

During the month of September, thirty-two student nurses completed their period of training and took their State Board examinations. Eighteen other nurses will complete their training in October and take the January State Board examinations.

* * *

There have been a number of changes in the personnel of the faculty of the School of Nursing during the past few months. Miss Clare Casey, R. N. B. S. has been appointed to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Miss Helen Hansen, as Assistant Superintendent of Nurses. Miss Casey was formerly Teaching Supervisor on the wards of the Hospital.

Miss Lilian Leeson, R. N. B. S., of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been appointed as Educational Director, succeeding Miss Mary Kenney. Miss Mary Cryer is replacing Miss Louise Oosting as Surgical Supervisor. Mrs. Mary Pursley has succeeded Miss Goodine as Practical Instructor.

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The Mount Sinai Hospital Bulletin  15

Recent Publications by Members of the Hospital Staff and Alumni

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