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Text by Francois Fourcade. 87 large plates in full color present the two major aspects of Chinese art, painting and ceramics, with their history and development. 11" x 13". Pub. at $25.00. Only 14.95

6790. MODERN PRIMITIVES: MASTERS OF NAIVE PAINTING. Text by Oto Bihalji-Merin. 82 illustrations, 28 large full color plates, with comprehensive text survey the lovely world of modern primitive painting. Pub. at $15.00. Only 8.95

6784. FIFTY AMERICAN MASTERPIECES: 200 Years of Great Paintings. Giant volume (15" x 17 1/2") containing 50 of the greatest American paintings in Full Color, full-page reproductions, from Colonial times to the present: Peale, West, Catlin, Currier & Ives, Homer, Eakins, Remington, Bellows, Wyeth, many more equally famous; with descriptive text. Softbound; pictures easily removable & suitable for framing. Only 5.95

6783. ROUAULT. By P. Courthion. Sumptuously illustrated study of Rouault's life and works—832 ILLUSTRATIONS. 49 FULL COLOR HAND-TIPS—spanning his entire life-work from 1891 to 1958 with an illustrated summary catalogue. 492 pp; 8 1/2" x 11 7/8". Pub. at $35.00. Now Only 15.95

6778. AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH PAINTING. By J. Rothenstein. New, complete edition of the best concise guide to development of English painting from monastic manuscript illumination to the 20th century. 46 illus. Pub. at $5.95. Only 2.98

6772. Jan Van Eyck's ADORATION OF THE MYSTIC LAMB. Text by V. Denis. The magnificent polyptych of Grand Cathedral by the inventor of oil painting reproduced with new techniques in large colored plates on WOOD duplicating as closely as possible the original textures. 150 pp. of text; 24 Color Plates in Facsimile on Wood; handsomely bound & slipcased; 12" x 16". Pub. at $150.00. Special 39.50

[[boxed]] 6605. THE ART BUFF'S BOOK. By A. Cady. What artists do and how-they-do-it, how they get their ideas, how they make them work -- a simply written art appreciation book explaining composition, light & shadow, part/whole relations, more. 34 illus, several in color. Pub. at $3.95. Only 1.00 [[/boxed]]

6642. ART IN AMERICA. Fall 1962 Issue: Poster and Symbol, The Keys to Canaday, California Artists, Reports from Rome, London, Paris & Germany, Guggenheim Sculpture, Kline's Last Painting, more. Over 130 drawings & photos, 15 full color; 9" x 12". Pub. at $3.95. Only 1.00

[[boxed]] 6692. GREAT HOUSES OF BRITAIN. By Nigel Nicolson. Describes 39 of the finest homes in England, Scotland & Wales -- vaulting medieval manor houses to elegant Georgian showplaces, with full details on architecture, interior decoration, works of art & fine furniture, gardens, etc. 400 Gravure Illus, 40 Full Color Plates; 9 1/2" x 12 1/2"  Special Import 9.95 [[/boxed]]

6337. ABBEYS OF EUROPE. By Ian Richards. Fascinating picture-&-text history of monastic architecture seen through 12 famous abbeys ranging from the romantic ruins of Fountains in Yorkshire to the majestic Renaissance Charterhouse at Pavia. Over 180 illus.  Special Import 2.98

6336. ART & ARCHITECTURE OF MEXICO, 10,000 BC to the Present. By Pedro Rojas. Stunning visual record of Mexico's art and architecture, and the diverse influences upon it, from earliest Central American times to the conquering Spaniards, Baroque and Rococo influences, down to Diego Rivera and Orozco--130 ILLUSTRATIONS, 42 FULL COLOR: all styles & periods, carving, sculpture, temples, palaces, murals, much more. Special Import 9.95

[[boxed]] 6218. Zorach: ART IS MY LIFE. Fascinating, witty, unreserved autobiography of the famous sculptor; highly personal anecdotes 'document' his private and public life, his steady rise to international fame, his recognition as one of the world's foremost realists, 85 photos; 7 1/4" x 10 1/4". Pub. at $10.95. Special 2.98 [[/boxed]]

*6286. DECORATIVE ART OF VICTORIA'S ERA. By F. Lichten. Sumptuous volume depicting 19th century taste and style in every conceivable field: furniture, fashion, needlework, architecture, industrial design, metalwork, etc. 500 drawings & photos; 9" x 12". Orig. $12.50. New complete edition 4.95

[[image - photo of Turner's The Fighting Temeraire]]
On artists' canvas - silkscreen after Turner of this famed daylight scene, a full panorama of Turner's oranges, golds, blues and greens. 20" x 28" image area.
Pub. at $35.00.  Only 9.95

6276. THE ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE OF NEWPORT, R.I. By Downing & Scully. Superb account of Newport, unparalleled showcase of American architecture, colonial and gilded age - 500 ILLUSTRATIONS - including photos of interiors and furnishings. 526 pp; 11 1/2" x 8 3/4". Pub. at $22.50. Only 10.95

^[[checkmark]] [[pencil bracketed]] [[strikethrough]] 729. Sacheverell Sitwell: MONKS, NUNS, AND MONASTERIES. Irresistible guide to the varied beauty and special qualities of the little-known art and architecture of the monasteries of England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, and Eastern Europe - 140 PHOTOS, 8 IN FULL COLOR - teems with anecdotes and the rich enthusiasm of an ever-curious mind, from Tintern Abbey to Monte Casino. Pub. at $12.50. Only 7.95 [[/strikethrough]] [[/pencil bracketed]]

[[boxed]] *6025. George Grosz: ECCE HOMO. Reproduces the original 1923 suppressed edition with all Grosz' original illustrations - 16 watercolors & 84 drawings - evoking the nightmare horrors of Berlin 1918-1922 in all its lascivious and aberrant decadence. Softbound. 2.95 [[/boxed]]

^[[checkmark]] [[pencil bracketed]] [[strikethrough]] 6184. ART NEWS ANNUAL 33 - THE ACADEMY. Wonderful survey of Academy styles and tastes through five centuries from the Carracci of the High Renaissance through Reynolds, Ingres, the Academy in Totalitaria, to the present, and the controversy over Academism in modern American vanguard art. Over 300 illus, 19 Full Color; 9 1/4" x 12 1/4". Pub. at $6.95  Only 2.98 [[/strikethrough]] [[/pencil bracketed]]
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6771. HENRI ROUSSEAU. By D. Vallier. 209 ILLUSTRATIONS, 30 FULL COLOR, HAND-TIPPED PLATES, survey the vital freshness of Frances's most ingenious Primitive, from the striking intuition of his portraiture to the intense freedom of his jungle magic. 8 3/8" x 11". Pub. at $25.00.  Only 12.95

6770. THE BITE OF THE PRINT: Satire & Irony in Woodcuts, Engravings, Etchings & Lithography. By F. & D. Getlein. OVER 290 PRINTS survey the best in social commentary and satire in the works of Rembrandt, Callot, Hogarth, Goya, Daumier, Rouault, and others to modern times. 7 1/4" x 10 1/2". Pub. at $12.50.  Now only 3.95

6769. EARLY ARCHITECTURE OF DELAWARE. By G.F. Bennett. OVER 300 PHOTOS & 32 pages of detailed drawings show the influence of successive Dutch, Swedish, and English colonization in the first Sate of US; covers a wide range of styles from 1660 to 1840; reprinted from the long-out-of-print original limited edition which brings up to $125 second-hand.  Special 3.95

6766. GEORGES BRAQUE: His Graphic Work. By W. Hofmann. 174 REPRODUCTIONS & 9 LARGE FULL COLOR PLATES illustrate the development of Braque's style in all its clarity and elegance. Handsomely bound; 10 3/4" x 12 5/8". Pub at $18.50.  Only 10.95

6739. MICHELANGELO--A Self-Portrait. Ed. by R.J. Clements. The life and genius of Michelangelo revealed through a discriminating selection from his own poetry, correspondence, and invaluable recollections of his conversations. Softbound. Pub. at $2.25  Only 1.00

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5512. THE LIFE OF JESUS IN THE WORK OF REMBRANDT. Pierre Waleffe. Presents the complete life of Jesus through a selection of 66 superb drawings and paintings, 7 Full Color Tip-Ins; an impressive collection in the quality of both the art and the spiritual inspiration. 9 5/8" x 12 1/4". Special Import 1.98

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6694. THE CHANGING FACE OF CHILDHOOD. By M. Garland. The face of childhood in art through the ages, ranging from prehistoric to modern times - 154 ART REPRODUCTIONS - portraying children in all their varied activities in public and private, with period documentation and illuminating commentary. Pub. at $7.99  Only 2.98

6643. ART IN AMERICA. April 1964 issue: The Guggenheim International, Pedestrian Art, Perspectives in the New York School, Winslow Homer in New York State, Cooper Union Museum, much more. Over 200 photos & drawings, 39 Full Color; 9" x 12". Pub. at $3.95.  Only 1.00

★6268. PAINTING PORTRAITS. By Helen Olsen. How to capture likeness and personality through techniques that will help every beginner, plus advice on all the fundamentals of oil painting. 120 illus, 15 Full Color. Orig. $4.95.  New complete edition 1.98

[[boxed]]6403. GREAT INTERIORS. Ed. by Ian Grant; Preface by Cecil Beaton. Lavishly illustrated account of the most sumptuous, beautiful English, Continental and US interiors created between 1650 and the present--252 PERIOD ILLUSTRATIONS & PHOTOS, 40 FULL-PAGE FULL COLOR PLATES--arranged by period from Early Classical to Fin-de-Siecle and Modern. 9 3/4" x 12 1/2". Pub at $22.50.  Special 9.95 [[/boxed]]

[[pencil bracketed]] [[strikethrough]]6250. UT PICTURA POESIS: The Humanistic Theory of Painting. By Rensselaer W. Lee. Celebrated study of artistic theory "Ut pictura poesis" (As is painting, so is poetry) and its literary basis, in the Renaissance and Baroque. 33 illus. Pub. at $4.50  Only 1.00 [[/strikethrough]][[/pencil bracketed]]

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[[image - book titled Larousse Encyclopedia of Prehistoric & Ancient Art]]
2395. LAROUSSE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PREHISTORIC & ANCIENT ART. Ed. by R. Huyghe. Lascaux, Altamira, the high art of Persia, Far Eastern splendors, the classic works of Greece and Rome--a complete, authoritative world-ranging art encyclopedia with articles by such experts as Abbe Breuil and Charles Picard. 750 illus., 32 in full color; 8 1/2" x 11 1/2". Pub. at $17.95.  Special 9.88

6421. Brancusi: SAINT OF MONTPARNASSE. By P. Neagoe. Absorbing novel based on the life of Brancusi by a longtime friend of the famous sculptor; Paris in the young 1900's, with the Fauves and Impressionists, the vie Boheme. Illus. Pub. at $5.95.  Only 1.00

★6335. PICASSO LINOCUTS 1958-1963. By D.H. Karshan. Virtually complete collection of Picasso's work in the medium he invented, the one-block, multi-color linoleum print--from bacchanals to bullfighting to stunning portraits, surreal figures, still-lifes, 100 plates, 22 Full Color; 10" x 8 1/2".  4.95
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6725. PRINTS OF JAPAN. By F.A. Turk. First comprehensive, up-to-date handbook since 1897--complete guide to all the schools and background necessary for the identification and dating of both printed and printed books throughout Japanese art. 24 illus; 27 pp. of calligraphy, trademarks, censor's seals; detailed lists of publishers, printers, engravers; extensive bibliography. Pub. at $15.00.  Special 5.95

6199. LONDON A LA MODE. By Paul Hogarth & Malcolm Muggeridge. A descendant of Wm. Hogarth, and "Britain's best descriptive graphic artist" (New Statesman) with 150 OF HIS FINEST DRAWINGS and most pungent captions pillories the high and low life of London today--with acid commentary by Muggeridge. Pub. at $6.96.  Special 1.98

★6314. CHINESE IVORY SCULPTURE. By Warren Cox. Full information on technique, designs, color factors, periods and styles with comprehensive charts for quick identifications. 75 illus; deluxe large format, 10 1/4" x 13 1/2". Orig. $10.00  New complete edition 5.95

^[[checkmark]] [[pencil bracketed]][[boxed]] [[strikethrough]]6084. CATHEDRALS OF EUROPE. By A. Mitchell. Inspiring picture-&-text history of 12 of Europe's finest Gothic masterpieces--OVER 180 PHOTOS, PRINTS & PLANS--illuminating the soaring vaults, jewelled windows, and superb sculpture. Glossary & index.  Special Import 2.98 [[/strikethrough]][[/boxed]][[/pencil bracketed]]

6289. CHINESE MONUMENTAL ART. By P.C. Swann. Photos by Arthaud & Sebert-Stevens. Beautiful volume covering the whole history of Chinese art: Buddhist temples, wall paintings, sculpture, tombs, bronzes, jades, pottery, etc. 157 plates. 14 Full Color; 9 1/2" x 11". Pub. at $6.00  Only 9.95

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MGM CLASSICS-In Sterio & Mono
From 88c to 1.88

R2389. MUSIC BY GOSSEC, VAN MALDERE, GRETRY, CLERAMBAULT. Delightful concert of Baroque music: Gossec's Sinfonia in G, Van Maldere's Symphony in B Flat, Gretry's La Rosiere Republicaine Dances, Clerambault's Symphonia Quarta; MGM Orch, arlos Surinach cond. Mono. Only 88c

R2383. PIANO MUSIC BY ERNEST BLOCK. Two impressionistic works, Poem Of The Sea and Five Sketches In Sepia, plus the 10 delightful children's pieces, "Enfantines"; Maro Ajemian, piano. Mono.  Only 88c

R2380. THE VIENNA OPERA BALL. All the magic of Old Vienna and its lovely tradition of teh Opera Ball: Blue Danube, Tritsch-Tratsch Polka, Emperor Waltz, Roses From The South, more; Grand Vienna Walt Orch, Wilhelm Hubner cond. Mono.  Only 88c

R2370. Constant Lambert: CONCERTO FOR PIANO-FORTE SOLO  NINE PLAYERS/PIANO MUSIC OF LORD BERNERS. Lambert's jazz-styled symphonic Concerto for piano with flute, clarinets, trumpet, trombone, cello, contrabass & percussion, plus Berners' Poisson D'Or, 3 Psychological Fragments, 3 Little Funeral Marches; Menaham Pressler, piano. Mono.  Only 88c

R2373. Elgar: WAND OF YOUTH SUITE/Coates: THE THREE BEARS/Quilter: A CHILDREN'S OVERTURE. Contemporary English music concert ranging from the Elgar Never-Never Land to Quilter's Shakespeare songs and the Coates' fairy tale; Hamburg Philharmonia, Jans-Jurgen Walther cond. Mono.  Only 88c

R2371. Richard Ellsasser: WAGNERIAN TRANSCRIPTIONS FOR ORGAN. Prelude and Liebestod from "Tristan and Isolde" and the Siegfried Idyll in overpowering performances on the 10,000-pipe Hammond Museum Organ, Ellsasser, organist. Mono.  Only 88c

R2368. SERENADES FOR ORCHESTRA; 3 Disc Set. Brahms' Serenade #2; Hugo Wolf's Italian Serenade; Wagner's Siegfried Idyll; Dvorak's Notturno for Strings; Schoenberg's Transfigured Night; Mahler's Adagietto for Strings & Harp; Schuman's "Bride for Messina" Overture; Mendelssohn's Andante, Scherzo, Capriccio & Fugue for Strings; with Orch. Rechanneled for Stereo.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R2369. The above in Mono. 3 Discs, Only 1.88

Tchaikovsky's No. 1: Saint-Saens' No. 5 "Egyptian"; Grieg's A Minor; Schumann's A Minor; ALSO: D'Indy's Symphony on a French Mountain Air; Schumann's Introduction & Concert Allegro, Introduction & Allegro Appassionato; Soloists & Orch. Mono.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R2364. THE MODERN RUSSIONS. Kabalevsky's Colas Breugnon & The Comedians Suites; Prokofiev's Symphony #4; Shostokovich's Piano Sonata #2 & Cto for Piano, Trumpet & Strings; Menahem Pressler, piano; Harry Glantz,trumpet; with Orch. Rechanneled for Stereo.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R2365. The above in Mono.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R2363. GREAT RUSSIAN COMPOSERS: 3 Disc Set. Tchaikovsky's Sym. #6 "Pathetique"; Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain & Khovantschina selections, Turkish March, Fair at Sorochinsky, Scherzo & Intermezzo; Rimsky-Korsakov's Piano Cto in C#; Selections from May Night, Snow Maiden, Coq d'Or, Mlada & Kamarinskaya; with Orch. Mono.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R2361. FRENCH MUSICAL ADVENTURES. D'Indy's Istar Variations; Dukas' La Peri; Faure's Masques et Bergamasques; Ibert's Divertisement; Duparc's Lenore; Chausson's Viviane; Francaix' Symphony for Strings; with Orch. Rechanneled for Stereo.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R3262. The above in Mono.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R2360. ROMANTIC BALLET MUSIC, Vol. II. Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet Suite; Khatchaturian's Five "Gayne" Dances; Stravinsky's Apollon Musagere; Hindemith's Herodiade; Poulenc's Les Biches; Faure's Dolly; with Orch. Mono.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R2358. ROMANTIC BALLET MUSIC, Vol. I. Bizet's Jeux d'Enfants; Chabrier's Suite Pastorale; Massenet's Le Cid Ballet Music & Moorish Rhapsody, Alsatian Scenes; Rossini's Wm Tell Overture & Ballet Music; Rossini/Britten's Musical Matinees, Musical Evenings; with Orch. Mono.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R2356. THE COLLECTOR'S RACHMANINOFF: 3 Disc Set. Piano Sonatas #1 & 2; Variations on Themes by Corelli & Chopin; Eight Etudes Tableaux; Rachmaninoff Society Recording with Bernhard Weiser & Warren Perry Thew, pianists. Mono.  3 Discs, Only 1.88 

R2355. GREAT CHORAL MUSIC: 3 Disc Set. J.S. Bach: Cantata #53 "Schlage Doch" & #170 "Vernuegte Ruh": Schubert's The Death of Lazarus; Stainer's The Crucifixion; Pergolesi's Salve Regina; Herta Glaz and other soloists with Orch.  Mono.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R2354. TREASURY OF HAYDN. Symphonies #33, 46 & 85 "La Reine";  Cto for Cello & Orch; Cto for Piano & Orch; ALSO C.P.E. Bach's Concerto for Orchestra in D; Bernhard Greenhouse, cello; Menahem Pressler, piano; with Orch. Mono.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R2353. MUSIC OF VILLA-LOBOS: 3 Disc Set. Bachianas Brasileiras #1, 4, 9; Choros #5 & 7; Ciranda (16 Piano Pieces on Brazilian Folk Tunes); Joseph Battista, Lenore Engdahl, Menahem Pressler, pianists, with Orch. Mono.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

R2351. MOZART ORGAN WORKS: 3 Disc Set. 21 works; Sonatas for Organ & Strings (Complete) Nos. 1-17; Fantasy & Fugue in F Minor, K.608; Adagio. K.356, more; organist Richard Elsasser, with Orch. Mono.  3 Discs, Only 1.88

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6222. Lynd Ward: WILD PILGRIMAGE--A Novel In Woodcuts. Magnificent series of woodcuts telling the story of a man who must reconcile the real world with the world his mind creates, an himself as an individual in a mass society. 98 woodcuts. Pub. at $6.50.  Special 1.00
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^[[X marked]][[pencil boxed]]6721. Universe Art Calendar: PI*PA POP 1969. Large wall calendar with contemporary and antique drawings, each in a pop setting, several with mod epigraphs; many bright colors, each month different. 17" x 14". Pub at $12.50.  Only 2.98 [[/pencil boxed]] 


6717. Universe Calendar of FAIRY TALES 1969. Beautiful spiralbound wall calendar with 12 lovely watercolors, and the texts of 12 fairy tales: Snow Queen, Ali Baba, Thumbelina, Red Shoes, more. Full Color illus; 12 1/4" x 9 3/8". Pub. at 2.95.  Only 1.00

6691. HANSEL AND GRETEL. PLUS: The Frog Prince, The Golden Goose, The King's Son; sturdy binding, thick, udrable pages & lovely b/w & Full Color Illus throughout. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4".  Special Import 1.98

[[boxed]]6565. FOUR COLORING BOOKS & CRAYONS--in Re-Usable Clear Plastic Tote-Bag with Handle. Grab-Bag Assortment of coloring books: Fairy Tales, Riddles, Follow-the-Dots, Happy Animals, Wise Old Owl Sayings, more--4 coloring books complete with crayons & re-usable clear plastic Tote-Bag with heavy flex-handle. Each book with 64 pp.  Special 1.00 [[/boxed]]

6690. THE WILD SWANS. PLUS: The Ugly Ducking, Little Match Girl, The Mermaid; sturdy binding, thick, durable pages & lovely b/w and Full Color Illus throughout. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4".  Special Import 1.98

[[boxed]]6114. THE I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BED BOOKS for BOYS--With FLANNEL NIGHT CAP. By Lois Wyse. Delightfully illustrated story of a little boy who didn't like going to bed at 7:30 every night; includes blue flannel night cap.  Special 1.00

6115. THE I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BED BOOKS for GIRLS--A Bedtime Books with FLANNEL NIGHT CAP. By Lois Wyse. Attractively illustrated bedtime story for girls; includes a blue flannel night cap.  Special 1.00 [[/boxed]]

6689. THUMBELINA. PLUS: Five Peas In A Pod, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Snow Queen; sturdy binding, durable, thick pages & lovely b/w & Full Color Illus throughout. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4".  Special Import 1.98

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[[image - box titles For My Grandchildren, with picture of a crown on cover]]

6219. HRH, Princess Alice: FOR MY GRANDCHILDREN. England's Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, who lived for nearly 20 years in the reign of her grandmother Queen Victoria and is still active in today's affairs provides a fascinating portrait of English royalty and royal politics over a full century. 53 photos. Pub. at $7.95.  Special 1.49

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6688. SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS. PLUS: Puss And Boots, Little Red Riding Hood, Brother And Sister; sturdy binding, durable, thick pages & lovely b/w & Full Color Illus throughout. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4".  Special Import 1.98

6413. THE STORE OF JACKIE THIMBLE. By James Reeves. LIvely tale of Jackie Thimble, neat and nimble, whose height was one foot four--and who got locked into a postman's box. Illus; ages 5-8. Pub. at $1.95.  Only 59c

5814. Six Vols: LIBRARY OF AMERICAN HEROES, Set "B." Biographies of great American heroes, each with full color illustrations, designed for jr-high readers; incl. stories of Eli Whitney, FDR, Haym Salomon, Henry Clay, Charles Steinmetz, Sam Houston. Softbound; full color illus; slipcased; 963 pp. Pub. at $7.00.  6 Vols, Special 2.98

4711. Ten Volume Set: YOUNG AMERICA CLASSICS. Handsome collection of the basic children's classics, with 3-piece bindings and stamped in gold; includes Black Beauty, Treasure Island, Robin Hood, Heidi, Andersen's & Grimm's Fairy Tales, Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels, Jack and Jill, Huck Finn. Over 3,000 pages; each vol. with line or block illus throughout & with several in color.  10 Volumes, Special 9.88
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