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February 18th, 1939

Dear Mr. Brewster:

The PUBLIC EDUCATION ASSOCIATION is organizing, as it has in the past, a Loan Exhibition of fine paintings, and this year Messrs. Jacques Seligmann & Co.,Inc. of 3 East 51st Street, have kindly offered us the use of their galleries from April 3 to April 22nd.

The title of the exhibition will be "The Stage", representing various aspects of the theater through the centuries, and I am approaching you with the hope that you will be willing to cooperate by lending:

LAUTREC  "May Milton"

As the entire proceeds of this exhibition will go to the Association with so high a standing in the educational world, may I also ask whether you would be willing to continue your insurance on your painting during the exhibition. Messrs. Seligmann are cooperating with us to the fullest possible extent and are taking care of all expenses involved -- catalogues, invitations, etc., so may I ask you to contribute by gesture to the success of this exhibition which will not only help a fine organization but which