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New York 22, New York

March 14, 1960

Dear Mr. Nicolson:

Two reasons prevented my answering earlier your so very kind note of February 26th. The most immediate one was my absence from New York for a couple of weeks, and the second was my awaiting a decision from Mr. Andrew C. Ritchie, Director of the Yale University Art Gallery regarding my great SEURAT drawing. This latter institution has since decided in favor of its acquisition.

It would have given me great pleasure to be the first one to break this news to you but I gather that Mr. Robert L. Herbert has already communicated with you in respect to this drawing, so that this may no longer be a surprise to you.

I had of course told Mr. Ritchie about your intention of revealing this newly re-discovered masterwork of Seurat in your magazine, and felt slightly embarrassed as to who should have the "primeur" of such a publication. However, as you and Mr. Herbert have been in correspondance on this topic, I assume that you have worked out an understanding on this so very delicate matter of precedency. When I forwarded the photograph I was still the owner of the drawing, and thus of the copyright; hence the right I had to authorize its publication. This of course is no longer true today....

Do let me have your feelings on the matter quite frankly. Should you and Mr. Herbert not reach an agreement satisfactory to you, I would then explain the situation anew to Mr. Ritchie. On the other hand, you will understand my position and will excuse I hope whatever perturbation this new development might cause your plans.

With personal regards,

Sincerely yours,

Germain Seligman

Benedict Nicolson, Esq.
The Burlington Magazine
12 Bedford Square
London WC 1, England

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