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New York 22, N.Y.

February 13, 1961

Dear Mr. Nicholson:

A note just received from Mr. Jacques Dupont advises me that the great Vouet has now become part of the permanent collection of the Musée du Louvre. This decision was reached at a "Séance du Conseil des Musées Nationaux" at which time the painting was officially accepted by the Museum as a gift of the "Société des Amis du Louvre". I do not doubt that you will be pleased to hear about this, remembering how you personally reacted to the merit of this painting.

However, were it not too late, this additional information should be included in my article for Mr. Dupont writes that the painting now is to be represented as belonging to the "Musée du Louvre, don de la Société des Amis du Louvre" Therefore, I assume, if it is still time to amend my text, the caption below the photograph should read: - 

Musée du Louvre
Gift of the 
Société des Amis du Louvre.

As regards the text itself, I will leave it to you to judge if and where this supplementary information is to figure.

As I believe I wrote to you previously, I shall be off on February 16th for three weeks.

May I take advantage of these lines to thank you anew for your willingness to publish this article which means a great deal to me and I do hope the above will not cause too much additional work on your part.

With personal regards, 

Sincerely yours, 

Germain Seligman

Benedict Nicholson, Esq., Editor,
The Burlington Magazine
12 Bedford Square 
London W.C.I.

P.S. May I inquire about your Magazine's policy as regards reprints for should you publish any I would of course be anxious to obtain a few.

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