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An invitation to smoke Now.

If you're a smoker who has been thinking about 'tar' and nicotine, here's why we invite you to smoke Now.

Now has the lowest 'tar' and nicotine levels available to you in a cigarette, king-size or longer. 2 mg. 'tar,' .2 mg. nicotine.

Now also gives you real smoking satisfaction. Mild and pleasant flavor. It comes in both filter and menthol.

Now draws free and easy for a cigarette so low in 'tar' and nicotine.

Only Now has the specially designed filter which makes all this possible.

Compare 'tar' numbers. You'll see that 2 mg. is the lowest of all king-size cigarettes.

For lowest 'tar,' plus pleasing flavor and easy draw, we invite you to smoke Now.

[[image: two packs of Now. On the left, Class A with a red label and text "20 Filter Cigarettes"; on the right, an open pack with a green label and text 20 Menthol Cigarettes; legend below: 2 mg. 'tar,' .2 mg nicotine]]
Now.2mg 'tar' is lowest.
(King-size or longer.)
[[symbol: copyright]]1976--R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO.
[[box]]Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health.[[/box]]
FILTER, MENTHOL: 2 mg. "tar", 2 mg. nicotine, av. per cigarette by FTC method.

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[[image: black & white photograph of people in line to vote, two volunteers behind a desk with a sign REGISTER TO VOTE HERE]]
[[caption]]Ted Bessell (Same Time, Next Year) and Linda Hopkins (Me and Bessie) manning a voter registration booth sponsored by the League of New York Theatres and Producers.[[/caption]]


Liz Taylor buzzes Jimmy Carter on the cheek and flashbulbs go pop! pop! pop! A surprise appearance by Cary Grant at the Republican Convention is greeted with a cacophony of applause reserved only for war heroes and/or movie stars. Politics and show biz, synonomous terms which have become the cosiest of bedfellows. As one seasoned theatrical agent tells his clients, if you're an actress or an actor without a political cause during an election year, don't expect to see your name or picture in the paper until after November. It's a statement that possesses some truth.

In the theatre, party allegiances seem fairly evenly divided. The Democrats are mostly on stage or backstage, while the Republicans are usually the investors or that couple laying down $17.50 apiece for two on the aisle at My Fair Lady next Saturday night. Other popular Republican nights out are: Godspell, Shenandoah, Same Time, Next Year.

[[image: black & white photograph of Carol Channing and Vice-President and Mrs. Rockefeller]]
[[caption]]Carol Channing offering one of her diamonds to Vice-President and Mrs. Rockefeller[[/caption]]

This year the campaign tenor around Broadway may not be as tumultuous as in the past. Two of the reasons might be that there are no great issues (i.e. the War or Watergate) and the new law that limits campaign spending rules out the flashy fund raising galas of yesteryear. Nevertheless, actors and actresses are out there making speeches for their favorite candidates, manning voting registration booths at three Broadway theatre locations and doing their cause celebre act on the cocktail and coffee cloche fund-raising circuits.

The most auspicious non-partisan election activity is the voter registration drive being sponsored by the League of New York Theatres and Producers from Wednesday September 22 until Monday October 4, 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. daily at the Broadway and Brooks Atkinson Theaters, and in Shubert Alley. Performers from ten Broadway shows including Ted Bessell from Same Time, Next Year and Linda Hopkins from Me and Bessie plus fourteen producers will be participating. "Our goal," explained Norman Kean, producer of Oh! Calcutta! and Me and Bessie, "is to register some of the two million unregistered voters in New York City."

Who is Broadway supporting this year? An early consensus reveals that Carter has a wide margin especially with the casts of Grease, A Chorus Line, Me and Bessie, Godspell, Pippin, and Chicago. Still there are quite a few non-committed people like

[[image: black & white photograph of Chip Carter feeding Pippin's Joy Franz with a spoon of ice cream]]
[[caption]]Pippin's Joy Franz with Chip Carter and his wife Caron at the Democratic Convention[[/caption]]

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