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Ma Bells
45th Street West of Broadway VO 9-0110

Mamma Leone's
239 W. 48TH ST. JU 6-5151

The Ground Floor Cafe
CBS Building 51 W 52 St 751-5152

100 East 53rd Street    PL 1-4840
Open 24 heures  ...7 days a week.

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But this year suddenly I feel like going out and campaigning. I find Carter a very comforting man. He seems to have that sensitive core that Kennedy had in spades. I like people who have drive and openly admit it. The man wants to be a great politician; I want to be a great actor. I respect that kind of honesty in people."

Backstage at the Ambassador, I asked Billy Dee Williams who plays the late Dr. Martin Luther King every night in the new play I Have A Dream if he thought Dr. King would be supporting Carter if he were still alive. "I'm hesitant to say," answered Williams. "But at his death Dr. King, though still non-violent, was leaning towards a stronger stand, something that probably killed him." Williams really couldn't tell me who he was going to vote for. "I do feel one thing: a bad choice is sometimes worse than no choice at all."

Come inauguration time, there will be a new political comedy on Broadway by Judith Ross, an upper West Side playwright and Democrat. "The play," explains Judy, "is about sex and politics and winning and losing--things that are all very connected in this country. Winning in America is a multiple orgasm; losing is premature ejaculation." But Judy is quick to point out that her play is in no way, shape or form about the recent sex scandals in Congress or Bella Abzug. "My leading character is a quiet woman who has always done everything right until she loses her first election. In losing she becomes An Almost Perfect Person, which is the title of the play." Casting has begun and the hunt is on for a leading lady "whom men would both vote for and like to go to bed with."

Most of the important State Republican bigwigs attended the September 23rd theatre party of California Suite at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre. Why did they pick California Suite? I asked the organizer of the event, Mark Nordstrom, Adm. Assistant to the Republican Assembly Congressional Committee. "We wanted a play that wouldn't offend and would appeal to a wide spectrum of people. Equus or Let My People Come would never have worked. We wanted something, um, not too controversial. And it didn't matter to us if Tammy Grimes or anyone else in the cast was a Democrat or Republican. All we were looking for was the best evening's entertainment on Broadway."    Continued

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No frills
[[image: photo of box of Active pHelityl Oil by Erno Laszlo]]

Simplicity. That is the secret behind the Erno Laszlo Skincare System and the reason why it works.

There is nothing extraneous in the Erno Laszlo Beauty Ritual. Here's how it works.

First you meet with a trained specialist who analyzes your skin. She determines its needs based on asking you important questions about your skin and then studying the answers. Then she prescribes a simple Beauty Ritual for you alone. In less time than you ever thought possible, your skin will glow with the look of good health and natural beauty.

The Erno Laszlo Skincare System. It's not fancy. But it works wonders. Ask the many women who subscribe to it.

On the Plaza in New York and White Plains

The Erno Laszlo Institute
10 East 53 Street
New York 10022.
[[image: Erno Laszlo logo]]
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