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The new woman discovers the new look:

Geminesse Enriched Moisturizing Fluid Make-Up

A superb combination of an enriched moisturizing treatment and a veil of sheer perfection. The texture is sheer and light, yet gives your skin a flawless glow. It's the new look for the new woman: You.

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co-starred with Mickey Rooney in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. A partial list of his films includes Riding High with Bing Crosby, The Lie with Barbara Stanwyck, Watch the Birdie with Red Skelton, Three Coins in the Fountain, and Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell.

MARY JO CATLETT (Mabel) played Ernestina in Hello, Dolly! for three years on Broadway with Carol Channing, Ginger Rogers, Dorothy Lamour and Martha Raye. She has appeared in New York in Canterbury Tales, with Melina Mercouri in Lysistrata and as six different characters ranging from 17 to 67 years of age in Different Times. Her T.V. commercial sponsors include Light'n' Lively, Right Guard (she was the girl on the other side of the medicine cabinet) and Singer Sewing Machine (she played Brunhilde). Outstanding among her regional theatre performances were those in Something Afoot at the Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut, Tobacco Road at Atlanta's Alliance Theatre, and in a program of two early Tennessee Williams plays, for which she won a tremendous critical salute last summer in Washington.

MARC JORDAN (Prez) has been in the theatre ever since he received five dollars for singing Shuffle Off to Buffalo at two years of age. At 16 he had his own radio program in his native New Haven, Conn., an activity that he continued throughout his college days. He was featured on Broadway with Phil Silvers in Do Re Mi and under Bob Fosse's direction in Little Me. He played Florenz Ziegfeld with Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl and was heard as the voice of God and played Barbara Harris' father in The Apple Tree. Off Broadway he was featured in Leave It to Jane, Get Thee to Canterbury and Young, Gifted and Black. In stock he played Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof and the title role in Zorba.

CHRIS CALLOWAY (Brenda) wasn't born in a trunk, but that was only because her parents always traveled light and never carried anything as heavy as a trunk on tour. As Cab Calloway's daughter she was irresistibly drawn to the stage and made her Broadway debut with her father and Pearl Bailey as Minnie Faye in Hello, Dolly! Chris attended Boston University's School of Fine and Applied Arts, and the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She has entertained at many leading night clubs and with Johnny Carson, Mike Douglas, Ed Sullivan, David Frost and Dick Cavett on their television shows. She made her film debut with Beau Bridges in The Landlord.

MARGRET COLEMAN (Mae) has been featured in national tours of Fiddler on the Roof, Man of La Mancha and Hello, Dolly! Audiences from coast to coast have enjoyed her as Madame Dubonnet in The Boy Friend, Mrs. Strakosch in Funny Girl, Mother Abbess in The Sound of Music and Madame Ernestine in Little Mary Sunshine. She made her operatic debut as the mother in Hansel and Gretel. Miss Coleman makes her home in Livingston, New Jersey, where she bakes her own bread, gardens organically and assumes her favorite role as mother to nine year-old Lisa.

DALLAS JOHANN made his professional theatrical debut as one of Walt Disney's Original Mouseketeers. Dallas has since acted in segments of Peyton Place, Burke's Law, and Mr. Novak and has been Ann Margaret's and Juliet Prowse's dance partner in both T.V. specials and movies. Gower Champion discovered Dallas in California and brought him to New York to appear in David Merrick's production of The

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I love to sing. And I love to drink Scotch. Most people would rather hear me drink Scotch.


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When they asked me to write this article, they said to be sure and mention Teacher's Scotch, but not to drag it in, make it sound natural. Well, I just mentioned it, and that sounded natural. It sounded so natural I'll mention it again - Teacher's Scotch.
I'm a great writer. If I had a beard, I'd be another Hemingway.
They told me they wanted a fresh approach. Well, to write fresh you have to think fresh, and to think fresh you have to be fresh. I haven't been fresh January 20th will be 31 years. I'm not going to tell you my age, but I've reached that point in life where I catch cold if I smoke a cigar without a holder on it.
But don't worry, I'll never give up singing. In fact, I started singing the day I was born. I remember the doctor kept slapping me, but I wouldnt' stop until I finished two choruses of "Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie". And when I started the verse to "Honeysuckle Rose", he put me in the incubator and turned off the heat. It's a good thing I was smoking a cigar or I'd have froze to death.
I never did like that doctor. He wouldn't put Teacher's Scotch in my bottle.--See how naturally I mentioned that without dragging it in. I'm a great writer even without a beard.
But I've found out that a little drink now and then helps my singing. It loosens my vocal chords. Sometimes my vocal chords get so loose that whenever I hit a low note I step on them. And when I step on them, I hit a high note. I lead a very nervous life. In the morning I get up a baritone, and when I go to bed I'm a soprano.
As you're reading this some of it may be funny, and then again some of it won't. So just read the funny stuff and skip the rest of it. But if the rest of it turns out to be the funny stuff, and the funny stuff turns out to be the rest of it, if I were you, I'd skip the funny stuff, too.
That last paragraph has so much rhythm you could almost dance to it. Well, I'll have another little sip of Teacher's Scotch, then back to the old typewriter.--How about that?--another natural mention. If I keep writing like this, I'll win the Pulitzer Prize.
Now that I've started writing, it makes me mad after all these years to discover that I write as good as I sing.

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86 Proof Scotch Whisky Blended and Bottled in Scotland by Wm. Teacher & Sons, Ltd. © Schieffelin & Co., N.Y., Importers.

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