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[[a page half filled with individual headshots for the actors in the play. With each name below is a related picture]]

Gregory Hines
Judith Jamison
Phyllis Hyman
Hinton Battle
P.J. Benjamin
Terri Klausner
Gregg Burge
Mercedes Ellington
Priscilla Baskerville
Mercer Ellington

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[[image - a B&W photograph of a bank of the Hudson River in New York City with a view of the bridge]]
Hudson River, New York City*

Applauding New York City's Fjord

New York City boast the most southerly fjord in the world, the Hudson River. This dramatic waterway plays many versatile roles in New York City's magnificent natural environment.

Glaciers gouged its valley to depths of nearly a thousand feet. Its tidal currents carry salt water all the way to Albany, making it an estuary and not a river.

Manufacturers Hanover sees the city in ways it has never been seen before. That's why it is the bank for New Yorkers.

*This photograph is part of the first survey of New York City's natural areas, by Earth Environmental Group, 265 Water St., N.Y. 10038


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