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MADISON, MAINE [[/preprinted]]
March 31, 1919.

Major and Mrs Maynard Ladd.,
Hotel Charlesgate.,
Boston, Mass.

Dear Madam and Sir:,

I wish some information very much and I have tryed avery where but I do seem to have much success.

It is about Artifical facel work.

Have seen several articales in the Boston Post on your grand work across the sea.

This is the st[[strikethrough]]r[[/strikethrough]]ory or mine at least.

Some years ago I had trouble with my nose and lost practicaly all of it so that I have to ware an artifical one made of red hard rubber by a dentist here and in away it is agood job and in away it is not.

It does not fit as it should also the art part is not what it might be or rather it does not fit and carry out the lines of the face as I believe it should.

I know that there has been alot of this work done across the sea and I have tryed in many ways to get in touch with it but have failed each time.

If you could tell me of any place that I can get this work done in this country now or at any future time or any imformation in regard to this work it would be grateley appreciated.

Thanking you for your trouble I am

Very truly yours

[[signed]] Oliver C. Small. [[/signed]]