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Event Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Event Name Participants: Last, First (role);
1992-10-23 In The 60's We Did It In The Street & Museums Schwartz, Therese (Moderator); Petlin, Irving; Kozloff, Max; Siegel, Judy
1992-10-30 Witch Art: Earth Based Spirituality, Ritual and Contemporary Art Raine, Lauren (Moderator); Henes, Donna; Eagleson, Duncan; Lyons, Rosemary
1992-11-06 Abstraction, Can It Be Defined? A Personal Dialog Soreff, Helen (Moderator); Rosenblum, Robert; Cunningham, Bruce; Lomberg, Jody; Green, Denise; Gianakos, Chris
1992-11-13 Shooting Art: A Special Workshop On Photographing Your Own Art Dee, D. James
1992-11-20 Should We Start Coop-erating? Coop Galleries As An Alternative In A Collapsing Art Market Turcihin, Lelya (Moderator); Ferris, Daniel; Foxworth, Eugenia; Green, Aviva; Pertierra, Alvaro; Goebel, Carol; Homan, Geoffrey
1992-12-04 The Electronic Aesthetic: Artists and Clients On The Cutting Edge Sheer, Doug (Moderator); Burkey, J. W.; Saylor, Steve; Foss, Kurt; Steinberg, Rob
1992-12-04 A Visual Artist's Introduction To Computer Imaging
1993-01-29 Will The Art Market Recover? When and How? Karp, Ivan (Interviewee); Marinoff, Elaine (Interviewer)
1993-02-05 Sculpture Addressing Social Issues Within A Corporate Context (In conjunction with "Repair Work") Mathias, Thelma (Co-Moderator); Mantell, Eva (Co-Moderator); Benitez, Sylvia; Kozloski, Tony; Lanzetta, Margaret
1993-02-12 ATOA's Annual Portrait-Thon Bokov, Constantine; Rabinovitch, Bill; Ruhe, Barnaby; Luboya, Liliana; N, Vernita
1993-02-19 Sculpture Parks Or Parking Lots For Sculpture? ... Finding A Home For Homeless Sculpture Shakespeare, Valerie (Moderator); Collins, David; Hutchinson, Max; Mallen, Joel; Mallen, Jerry; Oppenheim, Dennis
1993-02-26 South African Connections Goldner, James (Moderator); Magona, Sindiwe; Ainslie, Sholto; Johnson-Kgositile, Melba
1993-03-05 Building A Firm Foundation ... Creating and Receiving Foundation Support Nass, Herb (Moderator); Hirsh, Sanford; Bergman, Charles C.; Altschuler, Bruce; Todd, Emily Leland
1993-03-12 The Language of Color ... Painters Talk About Their Personal Palettes Coleman, Barbara (Moderator); Archilesi, Vincent; Code, Audrey; Kurz, Diana; Maisner, Bernard; Ruben, Richards
1993-03-19 The Tradition Of Landscapes Vrs. The Transformation of Nature D'Vorson, Berenice (Moderator); Langer, Cassandra, Weber, Idelle; Lee, Bob; Rothrock, Rick
1993-03-26 Cross Currents: Fine Art, Craft Art, Tribal Art ... Relevance, Causation & Interaction Fischer, John (Moderator); Anderson, Alexandra; Hoffeld, Jeffrey; Storr, Robert; Vogel, Susan; Stritzler, Nina
1993-04-02 Broad Reach/International Collaborations...Cultural & Political Concerns Raised Through Collaborative Works Cunningham, Linda (Moderator); Atkinson, Conrad; Isaak, Jo Anna; Min, Yong Soon; de Souza, Allan
1993-04-16 Cro-Magnon Art Then And Now: Its Applicability For Today Ruhe, Barnaby (Moderator); Karnofsky, Mollyne; Kistler, Terry; Spikol, Eileen
1993-04-23 No Failure/No Success ... What Does Success Mean To The Artist? Pugate-Wilcox, Terry (Moderator); Barnet, Will; Bickerton, Ashley; Castoro, Rosemarie; Conners, Russell; Oppenheim, Eric; Thatcher, Margaret; Colette
1993-05-07 Curators Choice Guittierez-Solana, Carlos (Moderator)
1993-05-14 Fascination With The Line: Drawing As A Major Medium Schwalb, Susan (Moderator); Cohen, Ronnie; Desind, Philip; Shechter, Laura; Wimmer, Elga
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