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4-6:00 I worked along road 4 km beyond station. I saw 2 antswarms - both had groups of Yucatan Jays making lots of noise & diving on to ground. Both groups confirmed my generalization that young (i.e. yellowbilled birds) mob [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] come closer more.

At first antswarm I had KW, Hooded [[female symbol]], Ruddy woodcreeper - 

at Lrd  R. T Ant tanagers, [[male symbol]] Hooded.

I saw 3-4 W.E vireos - solity or in loose mixed species flocks.

only 2 Maggies, 1 adult Blue-winged, Saw, & hd, BTB, hd & saw 4-6 Redstarts ([[male symbol]] nc [[double male symbol]]. 2-3 Black & w warblers in mixed flocks. & 1-2 more Least flycatchers.

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Day List
Black Vulture
Turkey Vulture
[[arrow pointing under Turkey Vulture]]
Ocellated Turkey
Amizon sp.
Violicious Trogon
Pale Billed Woodpecker
Golden-fronted Woodpecker
Ruddy woodcreeper
L.B. woodcreeper
Rose throated Becard [[male symbol]] - both at veg
Grey collered Becard [[male symbol]] - along road.
B.R. Atilla
Tropical Kinbird
[[strikethrough]] B crested flycatch. [[/strikethrough][ Yucatin flycatcher
G. Kiskedee
S. Bentbill
W.T Spadebill
Green Jay
Brown Jay
Yucutan Jay
S.B. wren ?
L.B. Gnatcatcher
B.G. Gnatcatcher
Barred Antshrike [[arrow up to kiskedee]]
[[strikethrough]] Hooded Oriole [[/strikethrough]] B & W wabler 4
BW warbler
Y.T warbler  1 ( in Market in Felpe [[?]] [[Purlo?]]

Transcription Notes:
Maggies probably means Magnolia Warbler, BTB probalby means Black-throated Blue Warbler, B.R. Atilla probably means Bright-rumped Atilla,

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