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Swallow sp. 
humer sp. 
S.T Trogon (hd?)
K.B. Toucan 1
Aracari 2

Ladder-Backed woodpecker 2
Golden-fronted woodpecker 1
Ruddy woodpecker 1
Barred Antshrike 1
Masked tityra 2

B.C flycatcher
Yucatan flycatcher
B.B. flycatcher
Tropical Pewee

Yucatan Jay 8?
W. Bellied Wren 1
Black catbird 3
Tropical Mockingbird
Scrub Vireo 3
W.E. Vireo 6
R. B. Peppershrike
[[strikethrough]] [[??]] [[/strikethrough]] Blue-winged warbler 1
Worm-eating warbler 1
Mgnolia warbler 5


Redstart 10
Yellowthroat 8
Ovenbird 2
Hooded warbler 7
Melodious Blackbird 6
Hooded oriole 4
Rose-throated tanger [[10+?]]
W.C. seedeater 30
Cardinal 6
Black headed saltator 6
Green-beaked sparrow 5
Grasshopper sparrow? 1 (old field)

Transcription Notes:
Rose-throated "tanger" is probably a misspelling of "tanager", a small songbird endemic to southern U.S./Mexico/Central America

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