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[[preprinted]] [[underlined]] GRAND HOTEL DES VOYAGEURS


TELEPHONE 13 [[/underlined]] [[/preprinted]]

what I was doing so the painting did not go very well; Kept wondering if you made connections alright at Naples if you were very tired ets ets.

At five oclock I went to the beach and got into my bathing suit: there were almost many people on the beach interesting groups on shore and in the water. I looked on for about half an hour, then thought I would go into the water and see if I could wash off a little of the blue. 

Miss George and I walked and swam out to the farthest point of the reef then out to deep water and back into shore around the otherside of the reef I left Miss George some hundred yards behind: by the time I got in I was almost winded, I spit specks of blood [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] very little but I [[strikethrough]] [[had?]] [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] decided [[/insertion]] I had better quit for today. 

The artist trio played again tonight during dinner, they gave us a long performance, some of the songs were very catching and some that we never seem to be able to get away from the Merry Widow Waltz ets. Am writing this in the writing room, the model is doing likewise opposite. Three French people are trying to send forth harmonious vibrations on the foul air of this room, one with the voice one with a flute the other the piano. They are just starting Calm as the Night the girl is singing it in French, she is doing very well too. 

I hope you arrived in Paris not feeling to tired, on the early train and that you found Joe. I am going to miss you very much my boy, wish that I were with you. Do not feel blue and worried think that it is all for the best and know that I love you.

With lots of love my mate goodnight.