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Transcription: [00:33:10]
{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimberg"}
--unforeseen like bolts and nuts, 15%.

When Roth saw that, he was wired. How in the hell can you do that to me?

In the aircraft industry, we know each [[?]]. You cannot say 15% for bolts and nuts, and unforeseen.

You have to calculate that accurately. Would you please do that again?

Said sure I can. So, I sat down and took each detail, and added the 15% into all the details, and then I came back with the same figure, but nothing unknown.

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimberg"}
And he said "See this is how this is done in the aircraft industry."

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimberg"}
Okay, now I shouldn't have characterized the order, only with that story, that would be dead wrong too.

There's only one, was my first experience with him. [[Laughter]]

He was, let's say, pedantic. I believe that would be the best expression. The German language has a word for that, [[kleinkariert?]]. Did you ever hear that word?

{SPEAKER name="Michael Neufeld "}
No, how is it spelled?

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimberg"}
No, don't write it down, don't write it down.

{SPEAKER name="Michael Neufeld "}
Well, I have --

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimberg"}
The translation is raised in sugar. You know, that he's interested in each and every detail.

And --

{SPEAKER name="Michael Neufeld "}
You want me to cut that out of the transcript?

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimberg"}
Yeah, please, please, cut that out, please cut that out.

I want to, to come out positive for that. In the job, building, building rocketry, you had to have people who were really out going into the details. In the last detail, by the way, that's [[Heulderf?]] too.

He went into the last detail. And that was once in a while, you could despair, because he didn't give a damn about time if this was an evening at 10 o'clock or it was at night at 2 o'clock, he insisted on the detail.

And, definitely I have to say you have to have these people, they are necessity. Therefore, it would be wrong if I come out and say he is going out in too much detail. This is a necessity. You have to have people like this.

And we had quite a few.

Transcription Notes:
I think that the German term Heimburg says is "kleinkariert" but I am not sure Ludwig Roth was the head of the Future Projects Office at Peenemünde.

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