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Transcription: [00:00:07]
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Sign is like a tree.
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Long time ago, just a dry ceiling, nothing, useless, oppressed deep in the ground, covered with the dirt of bare farmland surrounding.
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Years and years have gone by. Pop, a sprout, two sprouts, three, four, a tree!
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Branches here and there, unusual, lovely, natural, creative, expressive.
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Buildings and people surround the tree. Other trees on its side, in its rows, in proper sentence, neatly trimmed.
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Wait a minute, I made a mistake, oh yeah.
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Trees, in proper sentence, neatly trimmed, and boring. But people say sentential trees perfect, wonderful!
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
People say tree isn't perfect. Doesn't fit the town and people.
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Tree, is not a good true tree. People say it's a good idea to put chimps in a tree to swing and play on it.
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
People say it's a good idea to put the tree in a forest with so many trees so people can't see it.
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
But I don't agree.
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Better, a little girl and the tree blended.
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Strong, proud, tall.
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Spreading out its arms for all to see, to sign.
[audience applause]

{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Whenever, I'm open for any questions, do you have any?
Deaf people, sign language, poetry, anything?

{SPEAKER name="Speaker 2"}
How long did you study sign?

{SPEAKER name="Speaker 3"}
How long did you study sign, is the question.

{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
My parents are deaf, so I grew up, uh, with signing, but studying sign language, as a language, only in the last few years, maybe 5 or 6 years, studying it as a language.

Transcription Notes:
It appears that there may actually be three speakers here -- Speaker 1 (the storyteller), Speaker 2 (the audience questioner), and Speaker 3 (amplifying Speaker 2)

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